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I love my sister

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Pool house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Ok…this may sound a bit gross but it’s not what you think.
You see, my parents divorced when I was 17,I lived with my father.
My dad got remaried when I was just turnign 18. He married a woman with 2
daughters, one 12, the other 16. When I first met the 16yr.old I about crapped
my pants she was soooo HOT! I couldn’t believe it. Well, at anyrate, we
had lived together for about 2 weeks when one Saturday night, I came home
from a party and my step-sis was in my room. She was covered up in my bed.
I was a bit tired so I just lifted the covers to kick her out
to her own room, but to my suprise, SHE HAD NOTHING ON!!! I
didn’t know what to do but I had woken her up. She didn’t seem shocked at all.
I said what are you doing in here like that? Then she stood up and said
I was waiting for you! MAN! I WAS SHOCKED AND HORNY AS HELL (by now)!!!
She then walked up to me and wrapped her legs and arms around me.
She wispered, I know you want to do this so….Well, need less to say
I DID! I took no time getting my clothes off! I grabbed a rubber but before I put
it on, she grabbed my penis and put it it into her mouth. Back and forth
her head moved as she made my world into a heaven of pleasure.
Boy was I hard then. She then stopped and said to go inside of her!
I was ready. I rolled on my rubber and proceeded to move in and out of
her great unknown abyss. It was hot, wet, and great! She moaned in passion and
screamed more, MORE! I was about ready to cum when she stoped me and said,
Let me suck you dry! I went with the flow, rolled off the rubber and she encircled
my penis with her hot lips and sucked hard. About five minutes later I had my first
orgasm and blew my wad all over her face. Then she said eat me NOW! So I finished
the job by probing her clit with my tounge. It was the greatest expreience I had ever had.
That the only time we ever did anything, because I move away to college and haven’t seen
her since, but we are having a family get together and I can’t wait to see my old room again.

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