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I love my aunt

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: aunt's bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Wel my family and I had just went Alberta Canada to visit
my uncle and his wife who i’d only met once. But fuck she
was perfect nice tits, tight ass and what I got a climpse

Well on with the story. My family and I went with my aunt
and uncle to visit her parents, they were nice. But we also
met her niece “Amber” she was so fucking hot and only 2 years
older then me. Her and i went for a walk to the nearby River
while down there we made out for at least 2 hours the she
let me rub her pussy it was good, then she sucked my cock and
exchanged phone numbers and addresses(I live in ontario). Then went
back to the house just as we were leaving when we got back to my
uncle’s I said I had to have a shower and everyone else went to bed so i thought
my aunt stayed up and i got out of the shower wearing only my boxers
she seen me and smiled and I instantly went hard. She was wearing just a bra and panties
which were see thru so I said you look nice, she said come hear. So i did
and I sat down beside her she started to rub my cock thru the boxers and i rubbed her
pussy now wetter then hell next thing i knew she was naked and my boxers were coming off
she said my niece wants me to find out how good you are. So she sucked my cock then
we took the 69er position it was great. Next she said ;let’s go upstairs
to the bedroom. I said what about uncle #$#$#. she said he was outside sleeping in a tent with my father
I said well lets go. We hit the bed and didn’t miss a beat. I came inside her for the first time
of three. Then i just stayed the night with her. I asked her well how was i she said my niece and you will have a great time.

The next morning i thanked her for the compliment then Amber called and asked if I could go to a dance with her that night
my folks said yes and my aunt took me there and told me she would tell my folks Amber’s parents will drive us but I’ll have to stay the night
really her parents’ were gone and it was just her and i and the house to ourselves. We danced to some Beatles song
then she started to rub my already hard cock and then we started to undress eachother and we made ou for a while
then it happend in a matter of 20 minutes i blew my load inside of her. We did it four more times that day and once the next morning in the shower.

The summer of 1992 is one i’ll never forget . I fucked my aunt three times. and then the next day her niece five times.
Oh and don’t forget the shower. Aunt ##$## and Amber if you read this i want more soon .

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