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I let him give me a Roofie

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: his basement
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Me and thi sguy had been dating for quite a while, we had done nearly everything except the real deal. He and I had talked a great deal about it. I told him that I as really nervous about it. He promised to wait until I as ready. I really wanted my first time to be with him, but everytime we got that far I would chicken out. I was sorry for making him wait or for backing out evertime we got that far. Then I decided that one weekend I was really going to let him have actual intercourse with me. So I tell him Next weekend I promise.” but tell him that I am still really nervous and scared. He says that we will work it out. the middle of the week he says to me, are you sure you still want too, I tell him I promised so I would no matter what, he says I don’t want you to me scared, but says he can get something to help me relax, so I say ok. That weekend was the night. We went to a local pub and spent sometime dancing and drinking really trying to relax and have a good time. Then he says to me do you want to get out of here, and I say yes. as we are leaving he says I have something for you and shows me a tiny pill. He says it is a Roofie, I say the date rape drug? and he says yes. He says you don’t have to take it if you don’t want to I just thought it would help you not be scared. I tell him lets wait for a little while, then we get to his house and go to the basement where he has it set up like an apartment. We make out quite a lot, adn eventually are naked in bed together. The whole time we are making out I am really nervous because I promised him that I would let him. He is laying on top of me, and really paying close attention to me, stroking and rubbing me. I know it is getting close to time that he is going to want to put it in. I start getting more nervous, he says to me you are going to have to relax or this will never work. I tell him let me take the pill, and he says are you sure? I say yes so he gets it out of his jacket pocket and brings me a glass of water. I take it and we start making out again. I start getting a little woozy and I tell him, and he says You are acting a little drunk so tell him to go ahead, he starts kissing me and rubbing and fingering me. I am trying not to pass out, and he says “ok, I’m going to ok?” I can barely answer him but I say yes. He pushes it into me a little and I remember it hurting just a little then, I don’t remember anymore about it.
The next morning I wake up and he is sleeping beside me, and I am really sore between my legs. I move a little to try to get up to go brush my teeth. Then I go back to the bed and get back in beside him, He wakes up and I ask him did we do it, he says yes, He says he thinks I was awake for most of it. He says that I cried a little. He says that he had sex with me 3 times that night, and he starts rubbing me between teh legs with his hand, I stpo him and say that I am really sore. SO he kisses me and says Ok I’m sorry. We’ll wait. I tell him I’ll let him next weekend. I figured that if he had sex with me 3 times that I should be able to let him the next weekend. I was still kinda nervous, I tell him that I was nervous he says lets try it once, and I let him. It still hurt a lot, so he stopped. I ask him if he has anythng that weekend, and he says he can get one of his moms sleeping pills so I tell him no matter what to do whatever he wanted because I wanted him to be able to have sex with me.
I took that and had sex with him before I got to sleepy from the pill. I hurt a little, but not much. He must have had sex with me a lot that night because I was really sore again. He said he liked having sex with me while I was asleep, but I kinda wish that I wasn’t passed out.

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