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I fucked sister and foster Mom

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I was a normal young boy. I started having erections in bed and since I didn’t know my foster parents well, only been there a couple months. I asked my sister about sex. Well I was 13 and she was 14 1/2. I just didn’t know anything. Honest! Well my sister always spoke for me cause I was shy. She always picked out my pants and shirt and lay them out. She took care of me after Mom and Dad were taken away. Well the foster parents were clueless but nice people who never had kids just pets. The place was huge and my sister and I had one wing of the house and they and their pets had the other. We would eat dinner and around 9 turn in and go to our rooms. That night my sister had brought a book from school about male anatomy. Lots of pictures and information about boy stuff we sat on our bellys and read the whole thing and studied every picture that night. She said she was learning a lot. I learned a bunch. The next day after school as we were walking to the bus she stopped in the drug store to buy feminine napkins. I had lots of questions that she didn’t answer which made me mad. So I took the box opened them up and read the instructions which helped me understand. Maybe a couple days went by and my sister came in my room to lay out my things for the next day and she said I was asleep with a big erection. She pulled back the sheets to look and couldn’t help but touch me. My sister was getting bolder and bolder. She was budding breast and hips and walking in our wing naked to and from the bathroom.
I started leaving my door open just to see her. She had a very cute figure. She once walked in on me when I was in the shower and said oops and left. Then she said your my brother. I got to go, and she sat on the toilet. No big deal, I thought, but from then on she gave me no privacy.
Finally the day came she brought a porno home from her friend. That’s when I got the whole story and my eyes were open. That is when she stopped holding back also. About 9:30 she told me to take a shower as she did every night of my life. When I did in a minute she came in with me. I was hay get out. Turn around and she used my full name which was what Mom did when I was bad so I did. She looked at my soft little penis with just had peach fuzz for pubic hair.
I want to touch it she said. No its mine I said, but that didn’t stop her. she soaped me up real good and I was hard and I was holding on the walls and she gave me my first hand job. I had never masturbated yet, just held my self and felt my self. I could barely stand up it felt so good.
I didn’t cum , but I was really turned on. How did you like it she said. I just slid to the bottom of the shower then grabbed my self. Sis it was something I think I said. looking up at my sister she was wide legged over me and she pointed the shower to her vulva. She was enjoying it for a while as I watched from below with a great view I had never seen before. Not like I could see much as she was not touching her self the water was doing all the work. My sister squatted down after she turned off the water and soaped me up some more. Oh my gosh she was slow then fast then slow then switched hands then slow I was feeling something boil up inside of me then I came for the first time with her and me watching.I couldn’t help it I groaned real loud when I did. Of course I was 13 it was a high pitch groan I am sure. It surprised me but it felt so good. It wasn’t much either just a little bit of thin clear white fluid. I stayed hard and she kept jacking me wanting me to come again. I never did, though she said I should have more. I didn’t. Hell It was my first time. We had to shower again as the soap was beginning to dry. I think I jacked all night till I fell asleep. The next morning I woke to my sister who pulled back the sheets to my morning erection. She just took the liberty with out asking and started on me. The average boy your age does this three or four times a day. The average boy my age is twice my size and has bigger everything. Its Ok you don’t even have hair yet. Ouch you hurt me I said. How? she asked me, as she stopped. The skin up here on the end see how red it is .Its split and bleeding you pulled down to hard. So my sister went to the kitchen and asked for a antibiotic cream from the foster parents. In an half hour I was in an emergency room. Remember I am real shy. I wouldn’t let my sister go no matter how many times they wanted to throw her out. Well the nurse Smiled and told the foster parents I would live! Just joking! I was Fine, she said just be gentle and don’t pull back the skin so hard when I masturbate. This tear may work its way back or it may just be fine ,its only fore skin she said. When he grows up and has sex will it bother him my sister asked, as I clutched her arm standing there with my pants down. Just then a lady doctor walked in and started examining me. I got real hard real fast and the cut at the end opened up some. Does that hurt she asked. I nodded as I hid my face behind my sisters arm. You need to leave the doctor told my sister. I grabbed her waist band and wouldn’t let go, her pants ripped and they took her out. I was terrified! The Doctor said this will never heal at his age. How many erections will this boy have a day twenty? He has to….. you know. The nurse knelt down while I was hard, how about a couple stitches? That should fix it, she whispered to the Doctor. Lets just cut it off he will thank us later and we can keep him here over night. The doctor said. I grabbed my penis and screamed my sisters name and ran for the door. The big doctor lady held me and I kept screaming. He is loosing it, let him go said the nurse. Which only made me scream more. An orderly came in and held me while the Doctor gave me a shot. I only remember
coming to and my sister sitting on my bed still in the emergency room. I woke up both hands tied down. With tears in my eyes I asked her did they cut it off! They said they were going to. I can’t feel any thing. My sister just said, its Ok its for the best. No I said! NO I want it back. Don’t make a fool of your self its only skin. I still have a penis? Yes she looked in my eyes they didn’t cut that off. I came in and you were going under. I asked a lot of questions and I gave the go ahead. She told me she was sorry she hurt me and she wasn’t going to leave the hospital with out me. They took me home a few hours later and I stayed home from school a few days until the soreness wore off. My foster parents watched as my sister changed dressings every day and the lady doctor gave me a clean bill of health some few days latter. The one medicine they gave me stopped erections and in a month my sister gave me the last spoon full with a bet you’ll be glad to get hard again speech. That evening my sister had KY jelly and came to my room. Lets see how it works? She tenderly masturbated me. It felt so different. She was so worried, she would hurt me. Well I was reading all about girls and female anatomy while I was home. Let me tell you it is so un-male to read about sex with out getting a hard on . It is no fun and like reading math or science. I was unaffected by my beautiful sister running around naked here and there. When the medicine wore off and my hormones kicked in wow I was horney and HARD HARD HARD. I was told to masturbate gently and with KY jelly only once a day by the lady doctor. A male doctor stepped in and said later do it as much as you want but don’t be ruff. So my sister and I jacked me off for a month. I came out of the shower and my sister was on the pot. Turn around she said. She was putting on a Pad. Hay we have no secrets I told her. Suit your self and she pee’d and she put on a pad while I watched. Cool I said. Are you kidding yuck she said. Soon I followed her in, in a couple hours and I said let me do it. No she said. but that didn’t stop me. How come you don’t use tampons. I’m a virgin silly. So, I said OK why don’t you use tampons?
Ok buddy boy I’ll show you in a couple days. Now !is not the time. So I gave up. The next day there was a huge thunder storm and the city went dark on the buss ride to school. So everyone was sent home and We only had a couple candles and the foster parents were in the city and the train they took wasn’t running. It was getting cold and the furnace couldn’t run. So We snuggled in the living room under the blanket. Well my sister was playing with me and She said she wanted to give be a blow job. So she was sucking on me and I said when do you blow. I came in her mouth and as she was heading for the trash can to spit it out The lights came on and The foster parents came in. She still spit it out and the foster Mom ran to her are you OK honey . I was zipping up trying not to be seen. But sis was busted. She had some cum on her chin and the smell. The foster Mom was OH! OH! OH! and went to her room. Dad was talking sports with me. Sis washed up and talked with her and Dad never knew. What did you tell her? Cause you never lie. I told her it was my first time and I wanted to make sure you were OK. I was testing your Penis I said. You mean tasting. I replied. Too musty for me and a little salty she said. I asked if if she ever did she said sure. So we laughed. When Mom finally came in I told her quietly everything works down there, I know for sure, thanks to Sister. You know Honey you could of asked me. I have been around the block a few times and I’m only 15 years older than you. Ask me anything. I know the answers. Really as my Sister walked back in the room. Why do I get hard so may times a day and sometimes for no reason. Cause your normal and so young. When you get older, it wont happen so much.
How do keep from getting hard when I look at a girl? Honey unless you just masturbated you cant help it. How about now? could any thing make you hard? Sis come here and rub a little . Guess I’m OK . I just have to masturbate between every class. Gym class, said Sis. Oh yea Gym Is the worst those shorts.That night after being busted Mom walked in our wing and kissed us and tucked us in. In a hour she was back and my sister was asleep. both our doors were never closed but Mom closed it behind her turned on my light and examined my penis. looks fine. How did it feel being your first time since the operation. Now I could lie, my sister never. Well it was so different but I’m pretty new at this stuff I came for the first time just a while ago. Its all a new feeling you know. Mom came back with the KY and said twice in a night is fine at your age. Yes she did jack me off and when I came she smiled it wiped me up. yea your fine. My foster mom wow!
I’m not done yet. Mom was waiting as Sis walked out of the bathroom after we both showered we were naked. Well we will just leave the door open and I’ll join you both she said and save hot water ta boot. Are You guys having sex?
Wait said sis we been naked since day one with each other. I’m leaving all the doors open so come and go as you want. and we are both virgins. Mom said fine with me I will take you up on your invitation. Sure enough The next morning Mom came prancing in wearing a towel as I was combing my hair and sis was in the shower. The bathroom door was open as we promised. I watched as Mom jumped in with sis I smiled and brushed my teeth and Sis commented how nice Moms breast were. I opened the shower door looked in and motioned for Mom to turn around she looked good small waist nice ass. Course she never had any kids of her own.
OK I have to end this , And this is the end of the story any way. Two or three days and Mom never showered in our wing and more. So soon Sis came and started sleeping with me in my bed. She was sucking me and giving me hand jobs twice or more a day having a great time with me. I was starting to grow a little dark hair down there and my voice was changing. Mom came in pulled back the sheets what are you two doing? Sweets if you have a weak moment he is going to make a baby in you. understand? Yes Momma we both said. She covered us up and walked out. I remember the day well Dad measured me and Sis I finally was taller at 5 foot 5 I had her by a half inch. Mom and Dad Got snowed in at work so we were just horsing around. Sis had a plan ,I didn’t have a clue. She did her hair real pretty all bouncy and in curls. She put on her pearls and took off everything but her sox. We were running naked through the house Sis was digging in Moms bed side stand and medicine cabinet. What are you looking for? Contraceptives she said. They don’t use em I told her. why? Sis said. They wanted kid and have tried for them their whole marriage, so that’s why they got us. So do you have a boy friend you never told me about?I asked Sis. No she was looking down with a tear in her eye. I was just having that weak moment Mom talked about. Sis I love you and I want sex but you never do.I said. You never try ! You never touch me ! I do all the touching and I never get to feel good by you! She pouted and walked away. I went to her bed room sat on her bed Sis this is serious. You are young and you never said you wanted to or any thing. Soon I’ll be fifteen and I have never even been fingered . Most the girls last year got popped and Ester ,fat Debbie and I are the only virgins left in my class. That’s three out of the whole class. So I named girls and she named the boys that did the deed. Wow !I never would of guessed Those girls are so sweet. They still are said Sis, they just got popped. I also want to go swimming on my period so I need you for another reason. What are you talking about? Well once you have sex then a tampon goes in. You can swim with a tampon in on your period .Stupid! get it! Just cram a tampon in Sis. No you don’t get it. My cherry is a gift. I only have one and I love you so much I want to give it to you. You will never get one cause the girl you marry will have crammed a tampon in her self at 14 and you will never know a virgin. I also want you to make love to me. Just once real nice please. I know its going to hurt me some. Sis you are so beautiful I’m afraid your gonna hate me. So for the first time we stood face to face and I hugged her naked and kissed her mouth. I felt her breast on my chest my penis rose between her legs. OHH this is so sexy I feel I’m getting wet She said. We kept kissing and she was getting lost in lust. She was moving her hips and my penis was getting wet as it slid under her pussy.
Her pearls her hair her full hard warm breast. I was intoxicated by my sister. She threw the blankets off the bed and pulled me down on her kissing deeper and deeper. I had both hands rubbing her breast for the first time . She was under my control and I could do what I want. I stopped cold. Sis snap out of it I am only thirteen you sure. YESSSS she whispered. She fell back eat my pussy but don’t break my cherry yet. So I started and had a real problem gagging on the hair. She had lots of hair. I was grossed out and washed out my mouth in the sink. Sis grabbed some scissors and whacked her bush on the toilet. Next she foamed up with bikini foam and then a moment later she was showering the bottom half. Not a nubbin of hair left feel me Sis said. And I did. Look we have to start over I’m cold. We don’t have to I told her. I don’t want to give my cherry to some punk who lies and only wants to fuck me and dump me. she said . Will you tell the girls I popped you? She thought and said, yes I will. They will think I wrestled you down or popped you in your sleep. So I put her in a hold and we rolled on the floor. You know I didn’t wear pearls, do my hair and wear perfume because I want to wrestle you. She playfully bit my thigh. But if you want I will subdue you tomorrow when I’m not naked. I will tell the truth I asked you and you got my cherry .So we 69’d and I kissed and she kissed and I used my tongue. This was the only day I licked a cherry. Yes it was a gift. I kept opening her and licking deep. She said it was a feeling she never forgot. I played and looked at her cherry for a long time hour after hour. It was so fragile it is amazing these things aren’t broken earlier. Now as I played with her pussy she got a little dry so stupid me, I came down my leg ,I couldn’t help it, but i used my cum and rubbed it on her pussy. Not to smart was I. Her pussy lips were all swollen and laying flat and her clit was big and I sucked on it. even pulled the hood back and licked it like she said. She said lets go about ten times. Its OK to lose your virginity at 13 she said moaning as I ate her out for the fourth time. I was putting off the deed it scared me. It was four in the morning and we had been naked playing since five PM .
Give it one last kiss and break it with you tongue if your afraid. Right now and she used my full name. So I kissed it and pushed my tongue with all my might. I saw a hole very small. Did I do that or was it like that? So I pushed some more Sis gave a small shreek. I made some headway. Girl pussy’s have all this flexibility. like nothing is solid down there except the pubic bone and clit. squishy is a good word for girl pussy. Blubbery maybe not but lots of folds and everything stretches. My sisters pussy was so small as a virgin and it was so huge when she had a baby.
Back to the story. Its for a penis brother and she pulled me face to face. And for the first time I rolled my penis around her vulva. Rubbing and pushing her Clit and up and down her lips were wide begging me to enter. I can’t do it Sis this is wrong and I started to cry. I was still rolling my penis up and down touching her cherry. she breathed sharply every time I touched it with my penis. Will you lean up and kiss me. As I did right when my lips met hers , I felt her pussy surround me and engulf my penis. Sis french kissed me and her tongue was sweet in my mouth. I knew it really hurt her but she kept kissing and wouldn’t let go. I was in heaven When my mouth broke free we both moaned but we were afraid to move our hips. Sis pulled my hips closer and moaned so I backed up . No she cried and pulled me back in more. I felt a urge to really hump her but I didn’t . I just held still. I held and held she was so tight on me and I was half way down on my shaft wanting more. So I let loose and started humping slow but couldn’t help it and went fairly fast with full strokes in and out and Sis broke in to a full cry for about three breaths then she said oh my gosh keep fucking me harder. I was fucking as hard as a 13 year old could. You all know what happened.
I wanted to pull out, but I wanted to finish in her .it was so good. She said don’t cum in me, but her hips were going full speed with me. Yes she took it all and just lay there with me still in her. I pulled out and looked her over and wiped her with a tissue by the bed. You got a tear her and here Sis and I did good. Did we mess up the sheets no we are fine ( I lied ) that was so good she said. How is your penis ? Did I hurt you? Hell no sis ten minutes in you got easy. I now had my fingers in her playing in her vagina. Can I break whats left of your cherry or you want to save it for your a tampon or you husband who has a bigger Penis.
Look close will a tampon ruin it or not. Maybe here but not over here for sure. My penis made a hole I popped my sister I’m a stud. I’ll save some cherry it it hangs on, Maybe my husband will think I’m a virgin. Sis missed four periods in a row but never gained weight and always failed the pregnancy test. We were scared. When I turned 15 I fucked my step mother for a month and she got pregnant and had a boy.and when I was 16 she asked me for a girl and I gave her another boy. and when I was 18 she called me and I gave her the girl she wanted. She said three kids was enough and my foster parents were parents.
My sister and I are still close. She never became sexually active which surprised me. I got what was left of her cherry on her 29th birthday. She was lonely and had another weak moment. Yes pearls and perfume and it was only her second time. and yes it did hurt her as my penis was easy twice what it was in girth. And no she didn’t get pregnant as I was watching her period so I knew when was safe. I dated and made love to three girls and married the last one and we have a baby girl. all is well

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