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I finally fucked her

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: At my home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

It happened when i was 16yo old. A girl named Alis, who was my new neighbor. she was 16 yo old, 5.9 tall, black hair, long beautiful legs and nice “c”shaped boobs. When i saw her first time i was just stun to see her body, after was settled down. Her parents got a job, her mom was an teacher and his dad was an private employee. It was winter season, Alis and her mom visited my home to meet their new neighbors. first time we both shake hands with each other. she was only a child to their parents, Once her parents were going out for attending an function and they want Alis to be with her coz it was far from the city. My parents left to their job, now me and she were alone at my home. First i asked her about the previous house and old frnds. she told me every thing abt her frnds, slowly slowly she became closer to me. then i suddenly proposed her “I love you” she was stun to here those words, then she asked are you serious ? yes i said.

I asked her to have sex with me. she agreed and removed her clothes and then mine. I inserted my pennis in her pussy she mouaned louder and louder. and i shooted my cum in her pussy. she was very angry on me coz i did it with out any protection after that she took some pill to avoid getting pregnant. Then after i said sorry to her. We again had sex that day, but this time with full protection.

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