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I dreamed of her then she gave it to me

Where it happened: Work
Langauge: English
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My first impressions of her were not great but as we worked more together, we got closer and closer. Our flirting was light and I never thought it was going to go anywhere.

Let me describe her to you; Short blonde hair, VERY thin and very long legs in trousers (legs which nobody ever got to see).

One day, we were messing about in the office. Nobody else was there (we were staying behind to catch up on some administration). I was sat in a chair and she was stood by the desk. We were talking about something when I made a crack at her for being thin when she threatened to sit on me. Yeah! Like that was a threat?

Next thing I know, she’s sat on my lap. I was about to tickle her when she said “hang on, I’ve got an itch”. I suggested I should scratch it for her but she told me it was down there. I blushed and she said “You can still scratch it for me though”. I laughed and said Ok and put my hand on her stomach.

When I was about to pull my hand away (it was a joke), she put her hand on mine and started to move it down. I tried to resist but let her push my hand to the tops of her trousers. She took her hand off mine and I carried on.

It was warm as my hand lifted slipped under her panties and her pubic hair was almost non-existent. I finally got to her crack and started to finger her. i could see her nipples harden as shelooked at me, knowing what I was feeling. She asked if I was enjoying myself and I nodded, violently 🙂

When she unzipped her trousers so I could see the bulge of my hand in her panties, I almost came there and then! I pushed her panties down a bit and saw her bush glistening in the office strip-lighting.

She rubbed my bulge as we kissed and I never noticed her opening my zip and my boxers. I picked her up and sat her on the desk before pulling her trousers right off. At last, I got to see those thin, smooth legs. She pulled herself toward me as I released my cock.

As she sat on my member, I opened her blouse and lifted a breast out of its cup. Pulling and twisting her nipples made her groan but as I entered her, I lost all concentration and just got back to kising her.

Her free breast bounced as she moved up and down on my cock. She reached down and grabbed my balls and squeezed. I hurt like hell, but it was really quite nice!

We came, we went.

Job done.

Shame she doesn’t want a relationship though.

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