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I bet

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: My room in a Frat house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

This wasn’t my first time, but it was hers, and it my best time, so I’m going to submit it anyway.
There’s this guy in my Frat who had just broken up with his girlfriend, more or less because she wouldn’t put out. We’d all known about it for some time, and were always giving him shit about it. So he pressured her and pressured her until she just got pissed off they had a big fight, and broke up. He claims he dumped her, and she claimed she dumped him. Anyway, we kept on giving him shit for it. I guess I gave him the most shit, so eventually, he said that if I shouldn’t talk the talk if I couldn’t walk the walk. I laughed at him and bet him $50 that I could score his ex-girlfreind within a week.
Sarah had been coming to our house with some of hre friends for a couple of months before she she started going out with my brother, so it was no surprize that she showed up for our Friday night kegger. They’re all Frosh, and are generally pretty cute — I’d do any of them, given the chance. I singled Sarah out fairly early on and asked her to dance with me. While we were dancing, I complimented her on her looks. She didn’t know me very well (we’re a large house), but I’m pretty easy to talk to, so she told me that she and my brother had broken up. I teasingly said, “Oh. That’s great,” which made her smile. She has a really nice smile.
After we had danced for a while, I offered to get her a beer. She told me that she doesn’t drink. I said, “OK,” and asked if it was because she was under 21. She told me not to be silly, so I let the subject drop. We danced some more, and I went and got her some salty snacks, and got myself a beer. Sure enough, with the dancing and the salt, she was starting to get pretty thirsty. So I went back to the bar and brought back two glasses of punch and gave her one. I took a swallow, and as she was tilting back to drink, I said, “hey wait a minute, this punch is spiked.” Of course, I’d known that all along but I didn’t want her to think I was tricking her. So I offered to go and get her Iced tea at the local Stop and Shop. She said that that was very sweet of me, but that she’d just drink the punch because it didn’t taste too bad.
We went back and danced some more until she was starting to feel a bit tired, and then we sat down. The only place to sit during one of our parties is right near the speakers, so it was really hard to hear eachother. After a while, I suggested that we go back to my room so we could hear eachother. She said OK. She’d had about 3 drinks by then, and they were stronger than they tasted. So, we headed back up to my room and I switched on the light. While she was looking at some of my posters, I turned on the sterio and a small video camera that I’d hidden aimed at my bed. After she’d looked arround for a while, we sat on the bed and talked for a while. I don’t really remember exactly what we talked about — mostly just small talk. While we were talking, I massaged her feet, beacue they were really tired out from dancing in pumps.
I told her I thought she was really pretty, and she blushed a bit. Then I kissed her. She hugged me and kissed back. We kissed be a long time, with my running my hands over her back and sides, and she seemed to be warming up. She was rubbing my back and sides too, and then started rubbing my chest. I teased the side of her breasts for a really long time before going for her nipples. When I finally did, I could sense that she was a little nervous, so I asked, “Do you like this? Does this feel good?” I knew that it would feel good even if it made her nervous, so she had to say yes. She started feeling under my shirt, and unbuttoning it, so I unbuttoned the top of her dress. That didn’t seem to make her nervous. She felt like she was in control. I sort of streched her bra to get under it, and after a while, she decided that it would be more comfortable to just take it off.
For a while, we lay there and kissed and rubbed our chests together. Then I kissed her neck and shoulders, and she got goosebumps. All women seem to do this. I ran my hand over her leg and told her she had goosebumps. She giggled and ran her hand over my leg. She sort of pouted and said that she couldn’t feel if I had goosebumps through my pants. So I took them off. While I did it, she slipped the rest of the way out of her dress. We kept kissing, and were rubbing eachother’s butts. Afte a while, I got bolder still and rubbed her pussy through her panties. She rubbed my dick. My dick was barely contained by my underware, and after a while, the tip started poking out. I slipped a finger under her underware, and started rubbing her pussy. We stopped kissing long enough to take off our underware. She told me that she was a virgin and didn’t really want to have sex. I told her that that was OK with me, and we hugged. Then I started rubbing her pussy again. I rubbed her clit for a while, and she was getting really into it. Then I suggested that she rub it with my cock. She said that sounded sexxy, and started rubbing. Pretty soon, she said she liked it better when I did it. So I told her that she needed to get some lubricant on my dick, like I had with my fingers. I rubbed her pussy with my finger for a while and then rubbed her pussy some more. She took my dick and rubbed her pussy lips with it for a while and then started rubbing her clit with it. I went back to fingering her slit, and put a finger into her, then two. After a few minutes, I told her that my cock needed more lubrication, and we swapped places. She rubbed my cock against her slit and once or twice put just the head inside of herself, where my fingers had just been. After a few moments I told her to switch back, and I thought that she was disapointed. I started finger-fucking her deeper and harder. She was getting really turned on by now. I told her to switch again, and she took my dick and rubbed herself for just a second before popping the head in. Pretty soon, I had half the shaft in, and my hand was starting to cramp up.
I stopped rubbing her and hugged her with both arms and kissed her instead. After just a moment, she let go of my dick and grabbed my butt and pulled. I heard her gasp as I slid all the way into her. I pressed deep into her and just held there, hugging her for a while. Then I said, “I thought you didn’t want that.” She said, “I changed my mind,” and kissed me. After a minute or so, I started pumping. She gasped. We kissed. I started going faster until eventually I came.
We lay there for a long time before we started to talk again. After a while, we pretended to go to sleep (Anyone who’s been there knows what I mean.).
The next day, I showed the tape to my brother, and he had to pay me off.
We went out for about two weeks before she found out about the tape and broke up with me. At Christmas, she transfered to some other school. I heard a rumor that she got pregnant, but I don’t know if it’s true.

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