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How I Popped Camy’s Cherry

Age when it happend: 27
Where it happened: Her Dorm Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My first time involved me, my girlfriend, the back of a fastfood parking lot, and us attempting to clean the mess off the seat of her father’s Oldsmobile after we were done. Far more humorous than erotic. A far better story/sexual experience involves me and a girl I met off of the internet.

I had talked to Camy for nearly a year on a chat room I had discovered. We talked about a lot of things and we would on occasion let our minds “fall in the gutter”, which was a lot of fun. Not only was Camy fun to talk with online but I found the fact that she was a virgin a real turn on. We had even gone so far as to talk on the telephone a couple of times. Although we only lived about 40 miles from each other, neither one of us decided to persue a real relationship. Besides she was 20 and I was 27 so there was a bit of an age gap. We decided to keep our relationship online i.e., something fun to do on our free time. It was fun telling her all the ways I would like to take her virginity from her but I honestly never thought I would get the chance.

One summer evening we were chatting online and she asked me, “when are you going to come over and fuck me?” Not thinking anything of it I gave her one of my usual responses. She asked me again, only this time I knew she was serious. The prospects presented before me were very tempting but I thought maybe I should just let well enough alone. I really didn’t want to take advantage of this girl, besides she had just broken up with her boyfriend a month or so earlier and she would probably would regret me coming over afterwards. I concockted some story about how I was too busy and I thought that was that.

The next couple of times I talked with Camy and she was so persistant about asking me when I was going to come over and do all the things we had talked about. Finally I gave in! I figured that she was going to fuck someone soon so it might just as well be me! I got directions, took a shower and was on my way.

I made it to her campus and the guard at the gate house gave me directions to her dorm. I waited in lobby for what seemed like forever then she finally apeared. She was wearing this sexy dress that she always talked about and was looking very cute. We talked and decided to go out for a bite to eat.

We went to a local restaraunt and I don’t think either one of us ate a bit. Although we both were visibly nervous, we talked quite a bit and seemed to hit it off. About the only thing I could think of was whether she was wearing the green silk panties and bra she told me looked so good on her.

We finished and she invited me up to her room. I now knew that I was going to fuck her that night. The drive back was difficult to say the least, there was so much sexual tension between us that I didn’t think we would ever make it back, but we did.

Her room was a typical dorm room, fortunatly it was the middle of summer so she didn’t have a roomate. We sat at her computer for quite a while. She was showing me programs etc. she had when I gently placed my hand on her thigh. She showed no reaction so I gently rubbed her soft leg slowly moving towards her torso. I was so exictied and nervous as my hand moved underneath the fabric of her dress. She was soft and warm my hand kept wandering further up until I accidently brushed the taunt warm silky material of her panties. She squirmed slightly and looked deep into my eyes, then continued at the computer. Ever so gently I let my fingers dance on the silky crotch of her panties. They felt so good!

I could tell Camy was excited by how moist the crotch of her panties were becoming. I let my fingers slide beneath the elastic of her panties and I could feel the moisture and warmth her vigin pussy was creating more directly. Before I could feel the slippery folds of her opening she turned to me and kissed me. We kissed pasionatly for several minutes, then she suggested we move to her bed.

We both took our shoes off and lied on her bed kissing and holding one another. This time my hands were free to roam her body. He curves were great, her butt was so nice to pet through the silky material of her panties. She unbottoned my shirt and helped me slip it off. As she unzipped my jeans I pulled her dress over her head and off. She pulled my jeans off and smiled as she saw the bulge twitching in my boxers then the look in my eyes as I saw her in her dark green panties and bra.

We kissed even more passionatly this time and not only did my fingers make it to her now wet panties but beneath them to the opening of her vagina. I slowly rubbed her swollen lipps of skin then proceeded to let a finger enter her. She was so exited and so wet. She rubbed my cock through my boxers as I rubbed her hot cunt. With my free hand I struggled with the clasp of her bra until finally I undid it. Her two wonderful breasts popped and I began to gently kiss and suck both of them. All the time rubbing her the walls of her wet vagina.

We continued and she pulled my boxers off as I pulled her panties off. She lied me flat on her bed and begin kissing my body until she made it down to my completely erect penis. She sucked and licked my hard cock for a long time. It felt so good, but I had other things on my mind.

I got up and kissed her gently then licked my way down to the blond pubic hair that guarded her pussy. Teasing her I carefully avoided her opening, gently kissing and licking her. Then I let my mouth make contact with her pussy. She shimmered as I licked and sucked her virgin pussy over and over. Her taste was wonderful, I licked her clit as I slid a finger in and out of her. As I ate Camy out my cock twitched and butterflies begin fluttering in my stomach: I was finally going to feel what it was like to stick my cock in a virgin cunt. This thought made me so hard…

After I ate Camy out we kissed and held each other close. Breathing heavily as I licked her ear I asked, “can I make love to you?” She pulled away smiled and nodded her pretty head, “yes”!

I pulled a condom out of the box I had purchased earlier that evening and she asked if she could help me put it on. I told her I would love it. Slowly both of us unrolled it until it was finally at the bottom of my long shaft. Camy must have been nervous because she just lied on top of the bed waiting for me. Then I suggested it might be a good idea if we got beneath the covers!

She nervously laughed as she pulled her bedspread off. Then she lay on her bed naked with her legs spread waiting for me to mount her. I straddled her and told her that we didn’t have to do this if she didn’t want to. She replied that it was OK and that she really wanted to feel me inside of her.

I smiled and kissed her softly while the fingers of my right hand parted her most intimate opening and the fingers of my left hand slowly guided the tip of my penis to her. I gently nudged my twitching cock at exterior of her opening. I asked her “are you ready?” She nodded her head “yes”. With my tip of my cock pressing against her opening I moved my upper body slightly away from her and placed a hand on the top of her mattress while my other hand kept my cock in position. Looking into her eyes I thrust my cock into her but it stopped with only the tip submerged. I thrust again this time Camy closed her eyes and her body tensed up as my cock entered her. Still not entirly inside her I thrust a third time until I was all the way in.

Finally I was in her! She was so tight! I asked her if she was alright, she replied that she felt “so full”. I asked her if she hurt and she told me that it was alright. I begin to slowly move my cock inside of her and she gradually begin buck her body beneath me matching each one of my thrusts. Soft and slowly we fucked. I asked her how it felt to be getting laid and she told me it was great. We kissed as I pushed and pulled my cock inside her wet and tight pussy. Slowly we built up speed, she felt so good! I told her how wonderful the night had been, how pretty she was, and how great it felt to be inside of her. She begin to moan as I pumped her faster and she finally felt relaxed enough to enjoy herself. After a long while I could feel I was about to cum I growned and shoved my cock deep inside. As I my cock begin to fill her with cum, Camy held me tight with a look on her face as if to say “this is what it is like to have a guy cum in me!”

As my luck would have it I broke the condom! I have never done that before! So I really did fill her with my cum! Fortunatly she didn’t get pregnant and I did fuck her two more times that night. We finished at about 7AM! What wonderful night!

I got a new job 300 miles away shortly afterwards. I did come down one weekend last fall and we went out and had great sex again. She did end up meeting a guy and now they have aparently been going out for a while now. I’m happy for her because she is a sweet girl.

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