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Hot & wet!!

Where it happened: my house!
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I had been seeing one of my older brothers friends for quite some time, but we had never actually had sex or been near to having it! We just used to kiss and hang out, do things that friends would do like watch TV, smoke bud and drink beer.
Then one night my parents went to bed and my two older brothers were out, at first we thought nothing of it and carried on watching TV, but as time went by his hands started to drift down to my breasts. I froze as i had never been touched like this before, then i pretended that it was nothing so i carried on watching TV!
Another 10 mins past and by this time he was really turning me on, stroking my neck and squeezing my breasts. I turned round and we began to kiss, at first it was just little kisses, then they turned into deep passionate kisses. He started to unbutton my shirt and at the same time he was leading me onto the floor! We both sat there kissing and rapidly undressing eachother. I felt his bulging cock, digging into my leg so i decided to unleash it! As i got it out and began to wank it hard he moved one of his hands down towards my throbbing clit and massaged it. It felt so good, i wanted more and more, then i lowered my body and began to suck his dick, i could tell he was enjoying it as he kept moaning and groaning! Soon i was moaning too, especially when he began circling his finger around my tight asshole!
Soon after that he pulled me towards him and guided his massive dick into my wet vagina and instead of taking it slow he just rammed it in! I screamed out in pain, then they turned into screams of pleasure! Just as i was about to come his cell phone started to ring. As i was still abit nervous i made him answer it, it of his mates who lives just round the corner. I heard him ask him to come round! So i quickly began to put my clothes back on, but he told me not too, he said i’d love what he was gonna do for me! He sat me on a chair and blindfolded me, then i heard two voices! Before long one of them was kissing and carressing my boobs while the other one started to lick my clit! The feeling was so instense and full of mystery as i didnt know who was doing what!
Then a hand grabbed my hand and led me to the floor, i laid down and began to feel a throbbing dick enter me. It felt divine. I felt 2 hands holding my legs high in the air, while the other hands were carressing my tits. The person was pumping me so hard, i started to rub my clit then i felt another hand take over. After 2 minutes i came, it lasted 4 about 2 minutes!! Then i felt warm spunk shoot up my vagina!
After that i was made to ride one of the guysas i was doing that, i felt my asshole being touched, then after a moments pain i had 2 dicks in me.
After a few minutes both the guys came and they left me, still blindfolded!
Me and my boyfriend r still 2gether and its getting better and better!!

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