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hot tub

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Jess was looking unbelievable that day. She was wearing a pair of short shorts that showed off her legs beautifully. I was going home from school one day, when i spotted her sitting on the curb all alone. I stopped and offered her a ride home. She accepted and i drove her home. Once we reached her house, she asked me if i wanted to stay for a while. I said yes and we entered her house. She was all alone for the weekend. She gave me a tour of the house and then asked what i wanted to do. She must have noticed that i was eyeing her king-sized jacuzzi because she asked if i wanted to go in. I said yes and she started filling it up. It was going to take a while to get ready, so we sat down to talk. As we talked, we moved closer until i asked if i could kiss her. She said yes and i reached over and kissed her. It was like electricity when our lips met and i could feel her kissing me back. She moved closer to me and i wrapped my arms around her. We kissed for a few minutes before i slipped my tongue into her mouth. She was surprised by this and obviously enjoyed it. After kissing for a few more minutes, i started to take her jacket off. I undid her zipper and slid the jacket off. I then took off my shirt and she seemed impressed by my physique. I then slid my hands down and took off her shirt. She was wearing a light blue bra on underneath and looked stunning. I told her this and she kissed me. I then reached down and slid off her shorts. She was wearing a matching pair of panties that showed off her great legs and her beautiful butt. As we kissed, i ran my hands over her breasts. She reached behind her back and took off her bra and i got my first look at her beautiful breasts. They were wonderful. I started fondeling them immediately. She signed with pleasure as i squeezed and caressed her breasts. As i tickled her nipples, she became aroused and they stiffened. Thei turned me on and i started to kiss her nipples. She moaned as i sucked on her nipples and i could tell that she was really aroused. Then, i slid one of my hands down her stomache and into her panties. I slid it through her pubic hair and onto her already wet pussy. She shivered with enjoyment as i started to tickle her pussy. I took my hand out of her panties and lay her down. I started to massage the insides of her legs and rub around her crotch. She squirmed with enjoyment as i did this and i could see her getting more and more aroused. I then slid off her panties and revealed her pussy. It was gorgeous. She had a nice amount of curly pubic hair and her pussy seemed to call to me. I slid my hands down her legs and onto her pussy. I massaged her thigh with one hand while running my fingers over her clit with my other. She moaned and squirmed with pleasure as i did this. I then slid one of my fingers into her pussy and started to move it around. Her pussy was sopping wet by then, and i knew it was time. I took off my pants and dropped my boxers. She stared at my huge boner and i could tell that she was impressed by it. I took my cock in my hand and ran it up and down her clit. She drew in a deep breath as i did this and she looked like she was raedy to orgasm. I did this a few more times until she gasped for me to put it in her. I got down on my knees between her legs and slid my cock’s head into her pussy. She was incredibly tight and moist. It felt great. We bothed moaned as i slid the rest in and then i started to pump back and forth. She pushed against me with her hips and soon we were both moaning loudly. As our pace increased, she wrapped her arms and legs around me tightly and started to gasp, “Harder, Faster.” I pumped harder and her pussy seemed to tighten around my cock. This got me really aroused and i could feel an orgasm coming. She also seemed to feel one coming. She held me tightly against her body and pushed against me with her hips. Her pussy continued to squeeze against me dick until she let out a loud groan and orgasmed. Her pussy loosened as she came and her juices started to runb down our legs. I soon came and we later separated. Afterwards, we snuggled for a while. The hot tub still wasn’t full, so i started kissing her agian. She reached down and started to stroke my balls. This excited me, so she bent down and started to suck on them. As she kiised my balls, i got another boner. She saw this and let out a little squeal of excitement. She started to kiss my cock head and then rna her tongue all over my dick. Then, she stuck my dick in her mouth and started to suck on it. I reached around and ran my hands threough her hair as she did this. I then started pumping my dick in and out of her mouth. She enjoyed this and started to suck harder when she saw that i was tensing for another orgasm. I came a few seconds later and she swallowed it all. She then kissed my dick a few more times. After getting a blow job, i reached down and started fingering her again. She had been turned on by my orgams and was starting to get wet again. I spread her legs and kissed her beautiful pussy. She shuttered as i ran my lips up and down her clit and pressed her hands against the back of my head. As is licked her beautiful pussy, she pushed my face against her pussy. She started moaning and groaning. Then, she gasped, “Lick me, ohhhh, lick me harder.” I stuck me tongue into her pussy and she came instantly. Her juices ran down my face as i ate her out and i drank up all that i could. Then, we climbed into the hot tub. After talking and kissing some more, i got another boner. I told her this and reached down to grab it. She then sat in my lap and slid my dick into her pussy. She road me in the hot tub for ages and we both orgasmed many times.

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