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Hot Sister

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Our house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

A lot of people think that incest is a bad thing, but when your sister is as smoking hot as my sister Kathy, those people might just change their minds.
Kathy was a horny, petite girl. She was seventeen at the time, and I knew that she’d had sex before. She would tease me sometimes by playing with my zipper, and she’d laugh when my pants started to bulge. Every time she did it, when I got hard, she would kiss my forehead and say, “Why are you hard?” Then she’d laugh and walk back to her room.
But one night, just the same as any other, I was watching South Park, and Kathy walked in the room. She sat down next to me and reached for my zipper, just like she always did when she wanted to tease me. I felt my cock start to harden and I sighed, knowing that she’d just laugh and go back to her room.
Kathy giggled and kissed me on the cheek. I expected her to get off the couch and go back to her room, but she stayed. She rubbed the bulge in my pants and kissed my neck. Her tongue tickled my neck. I turned my head and started to ask her what she was doing, but she pulled her face to mine and locked lips with me.
I felt my face redden; Kathy pulled away, giggled and said, “What’s wrong, bubby? Never kissed a girl?”
“It’s not that,” I said, “It’s just that… You’re my sister.”
She laughed and said, “So, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have some fun.”
“Wh… What do you mean by fun,” I asked, not believing my ears.
Kathy pulled down my zipper and said, “You know exactly what I mean.”
When my zipper was completely down, my cock poked out, I had about six inches at the time. Kathy ran her fingers down the shaft and said, “Oh, bubby, you look yummy.”
Her head shot down; her lips immediately wrapped around my cock. I moaned and tried to protest, but the words didn’t come out; it felt so good to have Kathy’s mouth on my cock. Kathy’s hands fondled my balls while her tongue swirled around my cock.
I felt a tingle in my cock and said, “Kathy, I’m gonna cum!” Instead of pulling away, Kathy sped up her sucking, my balls flexed, and cum exploded from my cock like a volcano.
Kathy’s throat bulged as she swallowed. When all the cum was down her throat, she licked her lips and said, “Bubby, your cum tastes good.”
My boner went down; Kathy saw it and said, “We need to do something about that. We’re nowhere near done.”
Kathy took off her shirt and bra, the mere sight of her tits made my cock harden a bit. She sat in my lap and said, “Lick them.”
My tongue immediately left my mouth and contacted her nipples. She quietly moaned while I licked her tits; my cock hardened, and Kathy was soaking through her pants. Being cock to pussy through our pants made us both extremely horny. Kathy climbed out of my lap and stripped in front of me.
Her naked body seemed like that of an angel. Her tits and ass were perfectly proportioned; a river was flowing down her legs from her pussy. I got my pants off in a flash; then i started to take my shirt off. After i got it over my head, Kathy was instantly in my lap, her pussy hovered over my cock. She leaned down and kissed me again. I opened my lips and pushed my tongue into her mouth, while our tongues played, Kathy pushed the lips of her pussy against my cock.
I slowly slid into her; it was so wet and so warm, it was more than pleasurable, it was pure heaven.
Kathy began to ride me, and we both moaned. My hands fondled her boobs while she rode me, and this just made Kathy moan louder.
I felt her tighten up around my cock, and pussy juice shot out of her, into my lap. I moved my hands to her hips and made her ride harder. Every time my cock would go back inside her, it went balls deep. I felt another tingle in my cock, and I pushed Kathy even harder, wanting my explosion to be more pleasurable for both of us.
I moaned loudly as cum filled Kathy’s pussy. Kathy moaned and yelled, “Bubby! I feel it!”
Kathy and I got in two more fucks before we went to sleep, we slept in my bed. It was two months before my dad told me that he’d saw Kathy and me in bed together. Instead of getting mad, he asked me how it was. I told him it was amazing. Kathy and I still get in a fuck every once in awhile. Some people have a problem with that, but it’s better to keep it in the family than to fuck a complete stranger.

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