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Hot sex sister’s friend at a pool

Where it happened: Pool with Sister and Sister's friend
Langauge: English
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

This took place about a year ago when me,my hot sister, and her very hot friend (named Heather to protect the innocent) went to my aunts house to swim. We drove over together and I had been flirting with my sisters friend the whole way. When we got there I was totally anticipating seeing both my sister and Heather in their bathing suits. When they took their shorts and shirts off I was taken back at how good they looked. Especially Heather. She was wearing this hot 2 piece that had tons of cleavage, and her ass was partway hanging out. She was so hot. Her breasts were prolly around 36D and the bounced up and down as she ran to the pool. After she dove in her bathing suit became slightly see through and I could make out her pussy and nipples. We had been swimming for a while and my sister decided to go, but Heather and I wanted to stay, so we made a deal with my sister to pick us up in about an hour or two. Finally my sister was gone and I was alone with that sweet hardbody of Heather’s. I told heather I had to go to the bathroom (i really didnt I just need to masturbate so my boner would go away). So I get to the bathroom and slip off my swimming trunks. I started to grab my dick out when something caught my eye out the window by the pool. Heather had taken her top off to get a tan. Her breasts were even more beautiful then I imagined. Her nipples stood out like she was excited. I figured I would take this life time opportunity to my advantage. But then something hit me. Why would she be out there topless unless she wanted me to see her. So I walked back out there without her knowing until I stood right over her. She noticed me checking her hot body out and said “See anything you like?” I replied “Hell yah” She then stood up and dove into the pool topless. I was thinking to myself “What the heck?”. She swam over to the side and stuck one leg on the side of the pool and kept the other one in the water. She was letting the jet run all over her pussy. She was moaning and moaning. So I jump in the pool next to hear and slip my hand in between her legs. I continued to rub her pussy for about 5 minutes when she shook all over to an explosive orgasm. She said “Thx..that won’t go unrewarded i hope you know” I was read for whatever she had to give me. She lead me over to the steps and sat me down. She asked if I had ever had an oral and I told her no. So she slowly stuck her mouth on my dick and started going at it like a madman. I was about to orgasm when I stopped her. I lead her over on the side of the pool a I lay on my back. She got the idea. She guided my dick into her puss and started moving up and down and left to right. Oh my gosh! It was so good. As she rode me fiercly I grabbed her breasts. They were so firm yet so soft. I orgasmed within s of that…The next hour or so contained some of the most wild sex of my entire life. I ate her out, we fucked, she went down on me..you name it. Ok I hope this story was good. I hope it got your horny

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