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Hot Neighbor

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: The shower
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Well, it was really weird! I was sittin here online in the
middle of the day, and i was talking to my neighbor and she
asked if she could come over to have a cigarette cuz her
parents were home, so i said alright. The thing is, she
never came over. So it was about an hour and a half later
and i just decided that she wasnt gonna come over so i went
to take a shower. Bout 3 minutes into it she came walking
in!! Totally nude like she planned it or something! She
jumped in and we started kissing and then she grabbed onto
my cock, and slowly moved down and started to suck me off.
Then she put her hands up against the wall with the water
splashing all over her hot wet nude body, and I knew what
to do. I went deep in her doggystyle and started to rub on
her tits. She was moaning and moaning louder every time I
thrusted into her. She got out of position and we started
kissing again and then I grabbed her ass and pulled her
closer so she could feel how hard I was. She gave me a
little smile and went down and this time sucked me super
hard! I reached down and started fingering her and i could
feel her orgasm just splash out and that did it for me.
I told her to get ready for a river of my hot cum, but she
kept goin and goin. I kinda moaned out the words “Oh god!”
and she took my cock in her hand and jacked me off and
I spurt all my hot cum in her mouth, and down her throat.
After she swallowed it all she licked my tip for a couple
minutes. Finally, we got out, dried off and got dressed.
Then, she had her cigarette and I had mine. Then she left,
and now we dont have sex, but we sure do have alot of
oral fun!!

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