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hot lips

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: friend's house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Hi ! My names’s Marie and I love to suck cock. My first taste of a boy’s cock happened when I was in high school. I went to visit a girlfriend one Saturday. When I got there a boy came to the door. He was about 16 and very good looking with an athletic build. He informed me that his sister was not home and he was alone. He introduced himself as Jimmy and invited me in for a visit. We sat in the living room watching a video. After awhile he leaned over and kissed me hard on the mouth and we started making out. Soon I noticed the buldge in his pants and knew our actions had produced a massive hardon. I looked into his eyes and cooed, can I take care of that for you pointing to his crotch. Would you, he begged. I opened his fly and pulled out the largest cock I’d ever seen. It was beautiful. I started stroking it up and down as he fondled my tits. That feels soo good, he said, you have nice hands. It grew bigger in my hands and the purple head was getting red with a drop of clear liquid coming out the end. He was squirming and moaning with pleasure. I smiled at him and purred, I know something that will make you feel even better. Do it, he begged. I lowered my head to his crotch, opened my lips and my tongue darted out to lick that drop off the end. Ooh! Jimmy moaned, I feel what you mean, keep doing it. Nexted I sucked on the head and twirled my tongue all around and under the ridge. He was groaning with joy and bumping his hips. I put one hand around his shaft and stroked it up and down. My other hand went to cradle his balls gently. His moans grew louder as the pleasure mounted. I felt his body twitch and he pushed hardr into my mouth. In seconds, he let out a low growl and shot a huge load of his cream into my mouth. It tasted so good and I twirled my tongue around the tip and sucked hard to get all of it. My mouth was filled to capacity so I gulped and swallowed it all down. Jimmy looked into my eyes and mumbled, I never felt anything so good in my life. His cock went limp and slid out of my mouth. I was very hot now and started to rub my pussy with my fingers inside my panties. Could you help me, I begged?
Sure, what can I do, he replied? Lick my pussy, I begged. Lay down girl and pull off your panties. I lay back, pulled up my dress,and tore off my wet panties. Then I raised my knees and spread my legs wide apart giving him a good view of my pink wet pussy. What a prize, he muttered, I’m going to lick you silly. My pussy lips were swollen and I guided his face to the target. Lick all around them and inbetween and give some attention to the little knob at the top. Jimmy was an able student and followed my instructions to the letter. My clit was aching with joy as his tongue flicked across it. Am I doing okay, Jimmy asked. You’re doing wonderfull, I purred with pleasure. Suddenly the pleasure grew intense and my body started to tremble. Oh boy! that’s good, I said as I flooded his face with my juices. He licked me slowly and softly as I finished my climax. We cuddled in each others arms and kissed passionately. I can taste my cum in your mouth, he remarked. I can taste my juices on yo lips, I replied. We both laughed and said in unison, oral sex is the greatest invention yet. Over the years, I’ve suckedoff many a man and been eaten by them as well. My husband and I use it as a form of foreplay before intercourse but sometimes go all the way to orgasm with it.

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