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hot egyptain

Where it happened: my bedroom
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I had beengoing out with my hot eygptain girlfriend for about months.she was the hottest girl i had ever
been with -long curly black hair , nice 34 c tits , and an
incredible ass.I would hard about 50 times when I was with her .We had talked about having sex and she said that she wanted to wait til’ marriage , i was very disappointed but i still did not give up in her and knew one day i would fuck her. As we got deeper into the relationship she told me she had never been in love as much as she was with me .One day we decided to cut school and chill at my house.We were watching t.v. and i slowly began kissing her.i kissed her neck softly and she started to get turned on .She kissed me back very aggressively and by this point i was mad hard .I put her hands on my cockand she unziped me and began to stroke it , i pushed her head down and she sucked me off hard.I came in her mouth and she swallowed the load. We them went to my roomand she threw me on the
bed .She got on top of me and took off my pants and shirt .I then quickly undressed her down to her panties .Her
big tits were all in my face and i began to suck then hard.She loved it ,she started jerking me off again and i started to rub her pussy .It was already mad wet so i took her panties off and went down town.I ate her out like a maniac .She would try to move but i would follow ,she screamed and moaned like crazy , I stopped like after 15 mintues and she had loved it. She then began to gave me head when i told her to stopped and let me fuck her.To my surprise she said “fuck me long and hard” i didnt waste time and spread her legs .she too was a virgin so we took it slow at first ,it was a great feeling , after i came we waited for a little while then we really got down to business.Igot her doggie-style and fucked the shit out of her.she came and didnt stop cuming for mintues , i came over her gorgeous tits .we fucked so hard we were both swore for days .After the first time our sex just got better and better .She turned really freaky and she always wanted to have sex with everyday , every mintue.I’m still with this girl and i’m enjoying every mintue of fucking her.

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