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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: at a friends house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My first time sexual experience was with a girl at my friends bob’s, house.
I went over to my friend Bob’s house after school one day to do some hobby things. My hobby and that of Bob was building model airplanes.
When I rang the doorbell Bob’s 15 year old sister came to the door. Hi Johnny she said, Bob is at the dentist and will be home a little later, would you like to come in and wait for him? Sure I said and entered the living room. Where’s your Mom I asked? She’s shopping and won’t be home for an hour or so.
We watched some videos for awhile and made small talk. I asked where the bathroom was and Suzi said down that hall to the right. I really had to pee and couldn’t wait to relieve myself. I went into the bathroom, lifted the toilet seat and release a torrent of urine. Suddenly the bathroom door open and there stood Suzi looking at my penis.
I’ve never seen a boy’s penis except my brothers and wondered what yours looked like, do you mind. No I said ant turned towards her so she could see the whole thing.
Oh! she exclaimed, yours is much bigger than Bobbie’s and is really nice. With the attention I was getting from a girl my pecker began to swell and grow in length. Suzi aid, what’s happening, it’s getting so big and turning red? I told her that’s what happens when a boy gets excited which was what her curiosity had done to me.
Can I touch it she coyly asked? Okay if you want to I replied. She came over next to me and put her soft hand around it gently. Her touch caused it to jerk and spasm in her hand. Wow! she said, it really must be excited. Sure is I replied. Want to do something with it. What do you mean she asked.
We could go to your room and play a fun game. Oh goody! she cooed, I’m for that. Her room was just 2 doors down the hall. When we went in, I closed the door behind us and led her to the bed. We have to get naked to play this game I told her. With that she pulled her dress over her head, took off her panties and bra and stood there a vision lovely nakednes. She had small firm tities and a curvacious ass. Arn’t you going to get naked too she asked. Ou sure, I was just stunned by how pretty you are. I stripped off my pants and shirt and removed my jockey shorts. Now what is the fun game she coyly asked. I replied, lay down on your bed and I’ll show you some real fun things we can do. Oh good, I’m ready if you are.
She alid down and I lay down next to her and started to hold her close ans kiss her on the lips. That’s nice she said and kissed me back passionately. I todl her to raise her to spread her legs and she willingly obeyed. I then reached down to her crotch and began to finger her pussy parting her cunt lips and rubbing her clit. Ooo! that feels really nice she exclaimed and pushed her pussy against my hand. I told her to reach down and hold my cock in her hand and rub it up and down. She eagerly complied with my wishes. My boner was really getting hard now and beginning to feel wonderful. I had never had a girl play with my dick before. I urged her to rub it faster as I ran my fingers into her pussy with more speed. That’s really a good feeling she said, is it good for you too? You betcha I murmured, raally good.
What do we do next, she asked? Raise your knees and spread them apart and I’ll show you I replied.

She scooted up in the bed, raised her knees and spread them wide. Now what, she cooed. I’ll show you as I got up on my knees between her thighs. Now take your hands and guide my pecker into your pussy. She was really wet and when the tip of my cock touched her pussy lips it slipped in to the hilt. That’s really a pretty feeling she said your thing feels real nice inside of me. Now put your hands on my hips and guide me back and forth inside of you. Wow! that sounds like fun and followed my directions.
I started pumping in and out of her pussy increasing the pace as I went. That feels even better she cooed. This is a very pleasing game. I was almost ready to cum and started pumping faster and faster. Suddent my back stffened and a wonderful feeling of pleasure filled me as I shot my huge load of jism into her pussy. Then she murmured softly, raised her hips ans shudder as she came. Wow! that some cool game she said, cuddled in my arms and said she had never felt so good in her life. You are a great guy and I want to play games with you often. We heard a noise in the front of the house and knew it must be Bob coming home. We got dressed and I climbed out her window and went home.
We met secretly many times after that and enjoyed fondling, mutual masturbation, fucking and oral sex with each other.
After she graduated from High School, I married her and we’ve had many beautiful years together enjoying our own and each others boddies in satisfying passion. At 60 she’s still a sexpot and keeps me alive in the sack every night. At my age I don’t have much semen but the orgasms we enjoy are still incredible. Long live sexy lovers !

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