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horney older woman

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

my first time was with a hot older woman that lived down the street from me. she was 37 and had a really nice body big tits and a nice ass. she has a neice that was around my younger sisters age that was taking summer school classes with her, she walked her to the school bus stop everyday, and i had to walk my sister to the school bus stop also so after the bus picked them up a would try to start a conversation on the way back home she wasn’t talkative at first but gradually she opened up a little and told me she was divorced and wasn’t really lookin to get married agian. so one day on the way back from the bus stop we get to her house and i ask if i can come to use the bathroom and she said sure i went in and went to the bathroom and when i came out she was in a bikini and siad she was going to do some sun bathing before i knew what i was saying i told her she looked really hot she just smiled at me and walked over to me and asked if i had ever been with a woman before and it told her no. she took my hand and as she was leading me to the bedroom i noticed she had on a thong bikini which was exposing the best ass i had ever seen (the only ass in person) she undress me and sucked my dick for about 2 minutes i was rock hard then she took off the bikini top to show me the biggest tits i sucked her nipple licked her tits then she slide out of the bottoms and laid down on the bed she told me to lick her pussy and i did with all i had to give she told me to put my dick after a minute of pussy lickin and i obliged i ram it all the way in on the first stroke and came in about five seconds after. but i didn’t go soft i was so excited i stayed hard and gave it two her three more times that day. I seen her everyday at her place for more than 2 years and still see her on occasion for a quickie

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