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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: His bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

It started with a simple kiss. Then he kissed my so passionatly I couldn’t think of anything else but his hard dick. His mouth moved down to my neck, which made me hornier than any thing else that I knew up to that point. His hands sliped up my shirt to my size E bra, he took it off, along with my shirt. I am 5feet 8inches 150lbs. With a chest that loves to be sucked on. As he kissed my his mouth slowly found its way to my nipples. They were so hard. He sucked them and played with them. Then I reached down and took his dick and kissed and licked until he was as horney as was. Then he took my shorts off and inserted his experienced fingers into my wet pussy. He inserted all four fingers in me while sucking my tits. Oh how I wanted him to fuck me. He knew it to. So he slowly inserted his big 12 inch dick into my dripping wet pussy. He started to thrust himself in and out of my hot body. He pulled his dick up over my clit with every pump. I couldn’t take it when he started going faster. My body started to rock with his and I started to cum at the same time he did. The sound of his infinate pleasure made things all the better. As my eyes rolled to the back and the moans escalated I knew I had a real addiction to this new found love called sex.

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