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Honeymoon Love

Where it happened: Motel
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

The first time for me was on my wedding night. We talked about this before marriage. We both agreed that we wanted the sexual part of marriage to be something exclusive to our marriage and that any children conceived would be conceived by us in marriage.
The time arrived. Earlier that day we were married in a ceremony with two hundred in attendance and two hundred fifty at the reception. Getting through all that took some time but at last we were on the road for a month long road trip around the United States. Our trip would start on the west coast and travel to the east coast including New York City and Florida and then back to California.
Our first timewas in a Holiday Inn near Sacramento, California. Naked together in bed we took it slow and easy enjoyingeverymoment after all those years of frustrated virginity bride wastight,real tite and yes there was some blood but after a bitwe enjoyed a beautiful orgasm and that was the start of our mariage and a triparound thecountry featuring some veryhot nights in a lot of different motels.
We were married in June of 1999. Since we were married we felt no need to practice birthcontrol and somewhere on the east coast one night in the heat of our love I impregnated my bride. Our baby is due in late March 2001.

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