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Age when it happend: 24
Where it happened: House on the Beach
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

It was our honeymoon. We’d tried to have sex the first night at a hotel on the way to our destination, but my wife was too nervous and tense to actually do it. We made due with a little mutual masturbation as she jerked me off into the hotel sheets. It felt nice to fall asleep naked and holding my new wife even if we hadn’t had sex yet. The next morning I returned the favor, fingering her to orgasm before we hit the road.

We drove most of the second day, so by the time we arrived at house we’d be spending the week at, we were both too tired to go at it. That didn’t stop me from giving her another orgasm by hand before we both crashed. Who says men aren’t giving?

So it was the next morning that we awoke and began kissing and really getting passionate. It was almost as if we were just having a great makeout session, not even thinking about sex. Next thing you know, we were both naked and I was working her toward another orgasm with my hand when she stopped me and said to try it now.

We got into position and I slowly began rubbing the head on the outside of her vagina, but I guess I was not really hitting the right spots, because she took over driving for me. In fairness, it’s hard to see down there when you’re way up top kissing. We slowly started thrusting more and more against each other. I went in little by little until I was finally all the way in. She held me in place and said not to move, so I froze. We started moving again, but it was still really painful for her. Eventually, it got to where it was just mildly uncomfortable for her, but it still wasn’t pleasurable enough for her to get off.

I warned her that I wasn’t going to be able to hold off for much longer, and honestly, I can’t believe I’d held off for as long as I had. She said to go ahead and finish, so I asked her if I should pull out. She said to finish in her. So I thrust a few more times and before I knew it was cumming inside of my wife for the first time.

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