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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I saw her around the school , but never knew who she was because I was a new student (but I had some friends there already). Sometimes I would see her a lot throughout the day, and some days I wouldníªt even see her at all. But the point is, every morning when I wake up all I think about is when I would see her. After just going to school for 3 weeks I got used to the schedule. She would go certain ways from one classroom to another so I adapted to the routes she took. I didníªt even know if she was looking at me like I was at her. That would be nice of course. Our class room schedules were opposite so every time I took the routes she took I would walk pass her.
One day I took that route again and when I saw her, she was with this guy. It seemed as if they were fighting or something, by the way he was standing and the body language. I figured I had nothing to do with her or him (yet) so I walked passed them with open ears trying to see if I could pick out the situation. During class I asked my friend if she was single and he said that she had a boyfriend, but their relationship is really messed up. After class I went out and saw her crying. My friend went up to her and asked her what was wrong. I took this chance to just follow my friend to her and listen to what she was going to say. She explained the situation to my friend saying how her boyfriend doesníªt want to take it slow and that its been too long so he dumped her. I cut into the conversation by saying, íºThat is just so wrong of him, couldníªt he at least to talk to you about it instead of shouting?í¿ My friend, Phil noticed I was by his side so while I was at it he introduced me to her (what a great step!). Phil said that he was going to be late so he headed off to class. I took the chance again and asked Cate if I could walk her to class. She agreed so we walked slowly while I said more words about the boyfriend (x) to comfort her. She said, íºby the way, we just met, how come youíªre doing this for me.í¿ I was shocked but excited at that moment. I didníªt know what to say and all I could think was íºbe honestí¿ because a little lie in the beginning could hurt you on the long run (I watch and listen to many stations on relationships). I crossed my fingers and said, íºUm. To be honest, I had two reasons, one because I like to help people, and two because I like you.í¿ I could tell that she was a little shocked too, but I became happy when she smiled. She thanked me and gave me hug. Then she said, íºListen, itíªs the last period now so wait for me after class okay?í¿ I nodded and headed off to my class.
When the bell rung I quickly packed and rushed to the doorway outside of her class. She was standing there already with her beautiful smile on her face. íºletíªs goí¿ she said, so she took my hand and held it in hers. I was a little puzzled at what that meant, and when I looked at our hands holding, she asked, íºwanna go out then?í¿. I smiled and said, íºyeah of course.í¿ I walked her home and she kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye. After that day I we met outside her classroom after school everyday and I walked her home. We had such a good relationship, and probably had more inside jokes than the whole population of the school put together. We were going out, but at the same time we were best friends also. It was all perfect.
A whole month went by and on the physical side all we did was a 30 second little make out session, but I still felt very happy about it.
One day she said wanted to walk me home first. So as we walked she asked me if my parents were home. I said they were out on a second honeymoon since 3 days ago and will be back in a week. She said, íºI think we took it slow enough heheíKdoníªt you think? Maybe we should have a honeymoon too. Show me the way.í¿ I took her into the house. I asked her if she wanted anything to drink. She said no and asked, íºwhereíªs the bedroom?í¿ I walked her up the stairs and took her in to my room. She told me to sit on the bed and wait. She closed my door and came back in 15 seconds later, butt naked. I never saw such a beautiful body in my life. She was a perfect girl. She lied on the bed and said, íº I want it. Make love to me hun.í¿ We started making out on the bed for about 5 minutes. I touched her softly from her shoulders to her breasts and down the side of her waist, then I came back up to her breasts again. I decided to take more control so I started licking her soft nipples until they got hard. She put her hands on my shoulders and started lowering down to her belly button and made circles with my tongue. Then with my tongue I went straight down her upper thigh to her knee and then upward through her inner thigh. When I slowly got to her pussy I teased her by skimming the surface and going to the left side of her thigh. She moaned and I could feel her waist move up and off the bed trying to feel my tongue more. I came back down and put my lips on her swollen clit. Her juices tastes so sweet and I started to write the alphabet with my tongue on her wet pussy. She moaned and moaned. I spread her legs out even more and lifted her body so that I was kneeling on the bed while her pussy faced upward exposed to me. She was biting on her own finger and with the other hand she started to unzip my pants which was underneath her ass. I was already really hard so she took my hard prick and started stroking it. It felt so great to have someone you love pleasure you. When I looked at her she lifted 5 fingers (she came five times). She stood up and undressed me quickly and put her mouth on my cock and started sucking it hardcore. She swallowed my whole piece! After 5 minutes of that I spread her legs apart and started banging her softly at first, and then gradually getting raunchy. We came at the same time and held each other for the rest of the day. She slept over every night of that week and we had all kinds of sex every night! Weíªre still together and I love her

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