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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Myrtle Beach
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I am telling my story to help and save another young girl from making the same mistake I did. In May my family ( Mom, Dad and my older sister ) went to Myrtle Beach for a week. My sister who is 18 and I made friends with a couple of boys from Virginia the first of the week and on Wednesday they ask us out for dates. Both of the boys were 18 so at first my parents said I couldn’t go but my sister talked them into letting me. We went to a movie and after the movie was over the boys ask us if we would like to go park for a while. I had never done that but my sister had so she said we would go. I knew my sister had had sex with an old boyfriend when she was 16 and figured she had with others too. I didn’t think anything like that would happen with these boys though. We went to an area that was mostly condos and parked in a driveway of one that the boys knew was not being used. My sister and the guy she was with started making out and me and the other guy were just talking. After a while my sister and her guy layed down in the front seat we stared kissing too. It was obvious that my sister and the other guy were fooling around but I didn’t know how much. Then I heard her ask him if he had a condom and I knew what was up. That gave the guy I was with ideas and he started making moves. I resisted some but didn’t say no to him so he kept up until he was playing with my boobs and had unbuttoned my shorts. When he ask me if we could have sex I told him I had never done it and didn’t know if I wanted to with my sister there. He said she was doing it with me there so what was the difference. It sounded like my sister was really enjoying what she was doing so I ask him if I could ask my sister what she thought. He said sure. I sat up and without looking up front ask my sister if she thought I should have sex. I guess I disturbed them a little and she just yelled to go for it. I had no reason not to at that point so I just followed the guys instructions. My sister took time to tell the guy to be sure and use a condom and he got one out and took it out of the package. He removed my shorts and panties and started playing with me until I got very wet and excited. Then he took the condom and moved down to his penis. I just waited and he got between my legs and shoved against me. I thought I was going to scream from the pain but held back not wanting the others to know. After he got all the way in the pain stopped and he ask if I was ok. I told him to stop for just a minute until it felt a little beter and he did. In no time things felt ok and I told him to go ahead. I really didn’t know what to do but he was doing everything to make sure he pleased me. I heard sis say go girl and that encourged me to move with him until he let out with a big sigh of pleasure. He pulled out and we both got dressed and after a while we started back to out motel. We stopped at a drive-in to get something to drink and I looked down and seen the condom laying on the floor still rolled up. I freaked out and yell you bastard. My sister ask what was wrong and I told her he had not used the condom and she ask him if it was true. He told her yes and I thought she was going to kill the guy but it was too late at that point. Me and my sister got out and went inthe drive-in to the restroom and sure enough my panties were a mess from his cum. She had me wash myself good and told me not to put the panties back on. When we got back to the car she gave the guy a real lecture about taking advantage of a young naive girl. He said he was sorry and we went home. It’s now August 4th and I finally told my sister two weeks ago that I have not had a period since we got back and I know that he knocked me up. The sad thing is that I don’t even know how to get in touch with him to tell him the damage he did. I hope others don’t let this happen to them. The beach is a dangerous place. Guys are just out for what they can get.

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