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hit in the balls

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: foot ball game
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I was playing Football and got a helmet in the balls when I went up for a pass. They took me to the locker room and I held my poor balls and cried. The coach sent this girl down to keep an eye on me. I tried to get my cleats off and then she took them and my muddy sox off. I moaned and she grimaced as I did. Can you get my clothes out of that locker I asked so she opened my locker. and then said lets get you undressed first so she worked real hard getting my jersey and shoulder pads off then the pants oh my gosh my balls hurt and it was slow. I’m taking off your jock and cup hold on maybe you’ll feel better. When she did I almost passed out. but it felt better to hang. Lets put you in a warm shower she said and she got under my stinky sweaty arm and turned on a slow warm shower and got my 240 pound body in it . I felt better in ten minutes but needed to walk out the little 80 pound girl dried me off. hands on the wall she said spread your legs and she massaged my balls I started to feel better. Jack off when they stop aching and you get your first hard on. Yes sir I said. How old are you . 13 almost 14 and if you mess with me I kick you in those balls . How do know all this I asked. Coach is my dad this is the third time I done this for him.
Great My first time with a girls hand on my balls and she’s a 13 year old doctor.

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