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Higher Education

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: His Apartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

It was my third week of college and I had already met this guy. He was a junior and he was so hot. I was a virgin and I wanted him as my first. He knew it too.

He had an apartment and took me there one evening. The moment he closed the door and locked it, he took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. We began to french and I couldn’t help but to start moaning into his mouth. I felt his fingers stray to the buttons on my blouse. As we kissed, standing still, he began to unbutton them.

Reaching down, I undid his jeans and my hand strayed inside. I felt a hard bulge against his boxers and I knew what it was. Gently, I grabbed it. Breaking the kiss, he squeezed his eyes shut and smiled.

“Oh God, yes,” he whispered.

My blouse soon gave way and he pulled it off me. His fingers then moved to the zipper on my short skirt. Undoing the zipper, he gave the hem a tug and it fell to the floor. He took me in his arms and frenched me again. I stepped out of my shoes as we moved back to the kitchen table, still kissing.

Backing out of his embrace, I smiled at him. I then undid my bra and let it fall to the floor. I then slowly slid my panties down, just enough to tease him. Soon, they fell to the floor and I stood infront of him naked.

He gazed at me for a moment. As I stood there, his eyes grazed over every part of me, wonderful feelings shot through me. Surprisingly, most centered right at my clit.

Lifing me up, he set me on the edge of the table. He then took off his shirt, exposing his well toned chest. After a moment, he slid off his jeans, that wonderful bulge was now present. Then, in one fluid motion, he pulled his boxers off and let them fall to the floor.

I gazed in wonderful at his cock. It was huge! Large in width as well! And to make it even better, it was hard.

Moving to me, he kissed me deeply. He then took hold of my tits and gently squeezed them. The wonderful feeling went straight to my clit. He then pushed them together and fucked the little crease that was made inbetween them, with his tongue.

He then moved to my nipples and gently pinched them. I gasped loudly at the wonderful sensation.

He smiled. “You like this don’t you?”

Oh, yes! I did!

He then rolled both nipples around inbetween his thumb and index fingers, fanned his thumbs out over them, and tickled the edges with the tips of his index fingers. I gasped and moaned as I felt myself turn wet.

He then took my tit into his mouth, sucking on it. While half of it was in his mouth, he slid his tongue over it. He then moved his tongue to my nipple. He rolled his tongue over it and licked it. He nibbled on it and flicked it over and over with his tongue.

Moaning loudly, I gently pressed his face to my breast as he repeated the act on my other tit.

His tongue left my tits and he began to kiss down my whole body. Stopping at my belly button, he rolled his tongue around the outside and fucked it as well.

He then told me to lay back on the table and spread my legs open wide. I did so. He kissed all the way down to my lower stomach. Stopping he gazed at my pussy.

“Oh, you’re so wet,” he said.

Getting down on his knees he brought his mouth to my pussy, slid his tongue over the outside, and kissed it. I moaned and closed my eyes. Suddenly my eyes flew open as his tongue wiggled inside of me. The wonderful pressure of it caused me to gasp and convulse slightly. His tongue ventured deep into me. I could feel the tip of it gently moving in small circles. After a moment, he drew his tongue back, then quickly thrust it back in. He drew it out again, then thrust it back in.

“Ooooh yes! This feels so good!” I cried. “Oh! Oh! Yes!”

Drawing his tongue out, he licked the juices that had oozed out of my pussy.

He then parted my lips, exposing my swollen pink clit. He then began to lightly nibble on my clit and blow on it. Suck on it, kiss it, and flick it with his tongue. Thowing my head back, I moaned and gasped.

After some time, he got to his feet. He told me that he was so hard that he couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to fuck me. I knew this was something I wanted. Something I wanted badly.

I gazed at his cock, long and hard in front of me.

He told me to sit on the very edge of the table, lean back on my elbows, and open my legs wide. I did so. Then, his head entered me. Then, inch by inch, he slowly slid his large cock into me. I thought I was going to die! Throwing his head back, he couldn’t help but to let out a long “oooh yeah,” as he watched it go in.

This felt so good! Better than I even thought it would!

“Fuck me,” I begged him.

With a smile, be obliged. Very slowly he began to pump his hips, his cock moving in and out of me. Lying back on the table, I closed my eyes and moaned, letting the pleasure wash over me. My legs wide open in the air. After a bit, his pumping gathered in speed and force.

“What me, baby,” he said in a gasp.

Rising into my elbows, I watched his cock slide in and out of me. Every so often he would squeeze his eyes shut, throw his head back slightly, and moan. As he fucked me like this, he leaned forward and sucked and licked my tits, his lips pulling on my nipples.

“I know you want to ride me,” he saide after a while.

And I did. His cock slid out of me and he lay down on the floor, on his back, spreading his legs. Getting off the table, I moved to him. Getting on top, I positioned my wet swollen pussy over his hard cock, and slowly began to move down on it. I gasped as his swollen head popped into me, and moaned loudly as I slid my pussy down the whole length of him. Feeling his whole cock deep inside me was amazing!

He then took hold of my hips. I could see beads of sweat forming on his body. I then began to roll my hips. Picking up a good rhythm, my tits began to sway back and forth in front of his face. He took hold of them and gently licked and pinched the nipples. By now I was moaning, gasping, and crying out his name to no end.

I soon felt something wonderful building in me. Better than what I felt just before. It was building deep inside my loins and pussy.

“Bounce, baby,” he said. “God, I need to you fuck me so bad!”

I began to move my hips up and down. Slow at first, then faster and faster. I soon took on a bouncing rhythm. He was moaning and gasping now as well.

“Oh yes! Oh sht! Ooooooh!!” He moaned.

I soon knew what the building feeling was. “I’m gonna cum now!!” I cried throwing my head back. “Oh, God!!”

“No, not yet baby,” he told me. “I need to ram your sweet little pussy and I need to do it now.”

Getting off his right before I came, he told me to lean against the wall and open my legs. Doing so, he then got down on his hands and knees infront of me.

“Now, I’m gonna make you cum, baby,” he said with a smile.

He slid his cock into me again, and started on a good speed. Soon it picked up in speed even more.

I began to groan. “Harder,” I whispered. “Harder.”

He did so. He thrust his cock into me, but only slowly now. Without speed. I knew he was teasing me. I enjoyed his strong thrust for a while but soon wanted more.

“Faster,” I moaned watching his huge machine thrust in and out of me. “Faster!”

He began to pump faster. My gasped and cries of pleasure soon grew in volume. So did his.

“Oh, this feels soooo good!” he cried throwing his head back, his cock still working at my pussy. “Oh, YES!!”

“Harder! Fuck me harder!” I cried. He did so. “Oh God! Oh God!!”

We both began to sweat and the sweet smell of our fucking surrouded us.

I soon lifted my hips of the floor with my hands and began meeting each hard thrust of his cock with a thrust of my pussy. Our bodies began to slam together, his cock burying itself deep into my pussy only to be pulled out moments later to repeat the act over and over.

That feeling that grew in my loins and pussy when I was riding him was back, and now better than before.

“I’m gonna cum!” I cried. “Oh God! Harder! Faster! Yes! Ooooh yes!!”

“Me too!” he cried throwing his head back once more. “Oh sht! OH!! I’m gonna cum, baby! Yes! YES!!”

I soon felt him explode into me. That was all I needed. Throwing my head back, I screamed his name.

“I’m cumming!! Oh! OOOOH!! OH GOD!!” I screamed.

My orgasm lasted for what seemed forever. All the while, I moaned, screamed, and made any other orgasmic sound you can think of.

When we were done, he collapsed against me, he head coming to rest against my chest. Turing his head, he gently kissed the edges of my tits. Smiling, I leaned against the wall, my hands straying over his sweaty back.

Ever since then, he and I have fucked many many times. And I’ve tried new things with him I never would have even dreamed about doing before. Since then, I have grown to love sex with a passion.

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