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High School

Where it happened: My parent's house
Langauge: English
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

It all started when I was a freshman in High school. Having older friends will do that to you I guess. I never remember a time when being a virgin was a bad thing. One day my best friend told me she lost her vitginity to her other best friends brother, who wass older, and who had a girlfriend.
That got me curious. Sex was a whole new thing for me. I had my eye on this Junior named Kevin, who till this day, still has part of my heart. I flirted and flirted, and finally he asked me out. Who had ever been on a date before? Not me. I waited for the right moment to ask my strict mother, who, of course, knew what I wanted, as all mothers do. I finally persuaded her, and was allowed to go on a date with him on friday…
Friday came, went to the movies, got the kiss I was waiting for, and then went home.
This is where it gets good. I had the house to myself after school till 4, leaving me 2 whole hours to do what ever I wanted….with Kevin of course! The first day he came over, I gave him the best blow job a guy could ask for, I even swallowed the whole load! He had the biggest smile even the next day in school….but I wasnt done.
Finally, on March 17th, 1994, I lost my virginity, as he did with me, in my bed at my parents house. A day I will never forget. Talk about nervous, anxious, excited, and of course horny. After a bit of foreplay…I handed over the condom. He had no idea I was going to ask. He says ok, we can do it, and puts it on. Boy was it big. Till this day, I have never found a better one than my first cock. He slid it in, and from that moment on, I knew we had a bond. We broke up 3 months later, but not before he made a lasting impression on me forever.
You never forget who was the first. You forget the , the , but the person who takes away something so priceless is always rememebered as clear as yesterday.
JMM~KNC 3-17-94

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