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Hey, I’m Steffi

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: summer camp
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My parents don’t like me reading these stories because they say they are degenerate and disgusting, but they haven’t flat out forbid me to read them so I still come in to the computer room when they’re not around and catch up on the latest ones.

And what should I see to my amazement but the story called “Sex in a summer camp” by the guy who was a lifeguard in a camp for girls ages 12-15 last summer in which he told how he had to resist the advanses of sexy girls all summer and how he was getting good sex at night from the camp director.

Then he tells how the last night when he was packing to leave two of the girls who had been making advanses, Steffi who had big boobs and Jessy who was also well stracked, came to his cabin and asked why he had been so mean to him and then put his hands on their boobs and pussies, so he gave them what they were asking for, fucking them both ways, and then spanked their bare asses.

Well hey, I am that Steffi, and I guess it’s all right for you to tell that story, Big Hunk (as we called you) but you should of said that we were both virgins when you did it with us — or didn’t you notice those cherrys popping when you put that beautiful big dick in us?

Yes, we were both doing it for the first time. We had both decided that summer it was time to lose our virginities and we had decided that you were the one we wanted to lose them to. But we got pretty frustrated when every time one of us would try to get you interested you would just ignore us.

So when we came to your cabin that last night it was sort of as a last resort. But anyway, we did get you to fuck us, and that was what we wanted and that made it a great summer for us.

Yes, we do hope you come back to the camp next summer, and we will have some new surprises for you if you do.

Until then, Steffi and Jessy really love you, Big Hunk

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