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Here kitty, kitty, kitty!!!

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: my girlfriend's bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

well to start, this is my first and my only time for this kind of experience. it was GREAT!!! of course it doesn’t compare now to then!!! we are still together! and i love her with all of my heart. i was working at a clinic, for about 4 months, before it happened! me and this girl at work had become really close friends, like we clicked right away. we never got our work done cuz we were always talking about sex, anything and everything to do with sex! it was great, i had never been able to find someone that i could actually talk with like i did with her! so anyways, after a while of talking and finding out that her and her boyfriend wanted to have a 3-some i really got interested in talking to her about things. i really wanted her to ask me to be the 3rd, but she never came out and asked! and i surely wasnt going to say hey i want to be the 3rd!!! so eventually things really got to rolling, her boyfriend was at college, and him and her talked about her being with another woman, her thing was to just KISS another woman, not completely be with one! but that thought did cross her mind! so he told her to go for it! try it!! which is the best advice for any woman!!! ALL WOMEN SHOULD TRY IT AT LEAST ONCE!!!! so we did, it was great, we go a lil tipsy that nite, she made the first move, we ended up drinking and playing a few sex games, to get things rolling! and then it happened, she kissed me!!!! omg it was great! neither one of us rejected the other, so we got even more into it!!! the whole time we talked about this before it actually happened, i never had the intention of going down on her, i was just going to use a few toys and she would get off like that! but no, after we kissed for a long time, she went down on me!!! OMG it was great!!! i got so turned on by her, just watching her go down on me! just to be able to see her head moving down there!!!! mmmmm, made me so wet!!! i got so turned on by this, i didnt use any toys on her, i went down on her! she tasted so great! it was the best experience of my life! her and her boyfriend had a tight relationship at the time, and things with us have been going on for about 8 months now, and we have fallen in love with each other, her and her boyfriend have decided that since he was at college that it wasnt working out between them, and they are still the closest of friends!!! i love her with all of my heart! she is the sexiest, most beautiful, gentle person i have ever met!!! I LOVE YOU BOO BOO WITH ALL OF MY HEART AND ALWAYS WILL!!!!!

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