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her first

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I met her the last week in April in a fast food place in Goodyear , Az., at lunch – she was in her white
cosmetology outfit – as she walked in I said something to her about her being stuck up – we started
talking and after lunch I walked her back to her cosmetology school around the corner – I started going by her school at lunch regularly – she told me she was seventeen and wasnt going out with anyone so I moved on her – we would get in my car and kiss a bit – we started going out – driving around – in May – 2 weeks after meeting her – and I started fingering her and have her rub my cock – by the second week of May I was having her pull down her shorts and panties and letting me lick her cunt – by the third week of May she had let me take close-up Polaroid pictures of her virginal cunt and her hymen as she spread her cunt lips with her fingers – she had a full brown hair bush that she kept shaved outside of her pantieline – when she spread her legs apart you could see her little cunt lips below her clit just sticking out of her cunt hair . About a month after meeting her we had gone out to a drive-in movie – we started making out during
the movie – she rubbed my cock as I fingered her cunt during the movie – then she sucked on the head
and shaft and looked at it carefully in the moonlight – I actually even raised my hips off the car seat to
put in brighter light ( light from the moon and the movie through the window ) so she could see it better –
I grabbed it and pulled down the skin of the shaft so she could see the swollen head real good – a couple times I raised my ass I could see she would be able to see the swollen head of my cock and the hard shaft – even though I knew we could be noticed I made sure she could see it – I had her stop sucking me and
then I had her lower her shorts and panties and licked her pussy lips – I was getting hot to fuck her but I
had fucked my wife and came before I picked her up , the next day I picked her up again from her grandmothers and drove us to a field by the dog tracks ( dog racing ) at dusk where I had her suck my
cock and then I pulled down her pants and panties and she then let me lick her pussy – I licked it good between her cunt lips and around her hymen – then she let me put the head of my cock against her hole
and even though I had licked her real wet and she had even sucked me so the head of my cock was wet
when I got it against her it didn’t slip into her – even with a little push with my hips I made – I thought
about how I knew that her hole was wet enough that it would have easily slipped up into a non virgins
cunt hole – I would always easily slip into my wifes cunt after eating her out. A week later I – and having fingered and licked her a couple more times – I was more than ready to try to touch my cock against her hymen again if shed let me – it was a hot summer day – my car had no air-conditioning – I picked her up from her grandmother’s and drove us to a drive thru place to get a pop – we parked in the A and W lot
and drank our pops , I kissed her and reached down to her shorts reaching inside her panties and
fingered her pussy carefully with one finger tip feeling her hymen carefully – a little circle of flesh that could be felt just inside her opening – her lips and opening got wet and slippery for my finger
– I had my cock against her days ago but we didn’t fuck – she wouldn’t even let me press
in a little – although I actually tried a bit but she was too tight to get in .We left after drinking
our pops – I wanted to be alone with her – I drove west out of town and came to an orange grove –
I thought a great place to be alone in and parked between a couple rows of trees on a dirt road – we
started making out – I reached in her shorts under her panties and touched her cunt as I had before
as she rubbed my cock – I told her I wanted to eat her out good and asked her if I could pull off
her shorts and panties – she said I could , after helping her pull down her shorts and panties and
then pulling them off – my cock was hard sticking up from my undone jeans –
I had her sat back and spread her legs – I looked at her pussy and it’s brown haired full bush –
her cunt lips just stuck out a little – it looked so good – I leaned my face into her cunt and
looked at her pussy and licked her lips – I reached up and spread her lips apart and looked at
her hymen carefully and licked her pussy lips again – her virgin pussy tasted so good – I had
her suck my cock , she told me she didn’t want me to fuck her but I asked her if I
could get the head inside her just through her hymen ( I already had the head of
my cock against her hymen a week earlier and tried to press it in her after licking her
hole wet enough had she not been a virgin I would have easily slipped up inside her )
– she said I could just get the head in but didnt want me to fuck her – I sat her back in
seat of the Porsche, I got above her and tried to push it into her – it was again too tight
to get the head in – I licked her again trying to get her hymen real wet and had her suck
me again to wet the head of my cock and then I pressed into her again moving the head
around in the opening to spread the precum on her – it was too hot in the car it being
summer I got soft – she was too low in the car bucket car seat – I reached down and got a flat box
off the floor and slit it under her ass – I had her suck me again – after some time of stopping and
starting pressing against her hymen – maybe five minutes – I finally felt the tip of the head move
into the tightness of her hymen and then starting to move through her hymen and start to move
inside her vagina past her hymen – after maybe 10 in and out movements ( I took it slow so I
could feel it moving through her hymen as it gave – now after about 10 in and out pokes I could
feel the ridge of the head of my cock inside her vagina -I continued little in and out movements
for a minute just feeling the top of the shaft inside her – she said it was hurting and asked me if
the head was inside yet – I continued the in and out movements just feeling the top of my shaft
inside her – I told her I was almost there that the head was almost in – just another minute or two –
as I was feeling the head inside her vagina and the shaft starting to enter her – I loved moving in
and out feeling the tightness around the head of my cock – the feeling as I started going into her
deeper – but then a farmer on a tractor started toward us – we panicked – stopped and drove off.
A week later she and I parked by a channel , I wanted inside her pretty bad now even
though I’d been fucking someone else every other day or so – I wasn’t like terribly horny –
I licked her pussy again and she sucked on me, I asked her if I could put the head against
her again – maybe in her again – she said I could put the head in again – I pulled off
her sandals then her shorts and panties – she sat back in seat of the Porsche and this time I
thought I was going to get in it deep if I could . I had her suck me again and then I licked
her good – I wanted it real wet – I got on my knees on the car seat divider between her legs
and put the head against her – I pushed a little forward into her tightness and felt the tip of
the head push into her hymen – then a couple in and out movements I felt the ridge move
into her vagina inside her past her hymen – tight but much easier than the last time – she said
it hurt and asked if I was done – she asked me if I had the head in I told her almost – I told her
just a minute and I would be done – she still was still so tight – for a minute I just moved the
head in and out a little more into her at a time and finally I felt the head was moving into
her vagina deeper and I started to move in and out further and then I pumped her deep
pushing up into her – I knew she had to feel it inside her now , after about five minutes she
made me quit cause it hurt too much . A couple days later we fucked again and I pressed
deep into her and I made sure she knew how much of it was in her deep by having her reach down
and touch my cock as I moved it in and out of her hole – it was great – it was still tight but I
continued moving in and out until I was real deep inside her – I could tell it would be real
good soon – I didnt cum inside her till a month later when it was easier to move in and out
of her – when I did I pushed in real deep to make sure I was next to her cervix with the head
of my cock as I came. We fucked one to two times a week after that first time we fucked.

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