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Where it happened: My bedroom
Langauge: English
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I had always been interested in sex. I used to read magazines like Just 17 and read about these girls that where having sex and I would wonder when it would happen to me. I always used to touch myself, and I had been making myself orgasm since I was about 14. I met my boyfriend, lets call him John, at work and I had been with him for one month and I decided enough was enough. He told me that he was coming over one night, and I knew my parents were out, so I prepared myself. I lit candles in my bedroom, turned out the lights and turned on some soft music. I stripped naked and sat on the floor, and spread my legs infront of my full length mirror. I heard ‘Johns’ car pull up and heard his key in the lock. I started to touch myself, rubbing my clit and sucking at my fingers, making myself wetter. I was nervous, as I didn’t know what John would say when he saw me. I heard my bedroom door open, and I heard him gasp as I slipped a finger inside my cunt, not too far, and closed my eyes, drooping my head back. I rubbed at my tits and I felt myself getting really turned on. When I opened my eyes ‘John’ was beside me, watching me. “What are you doing?” he asked, “I am waiting for you to fuck me” He seemed a little taken aback, but soon enough he was naked. He tried to touch me, but I pulled away, and standing up infront if him, began to touch myself again. His dick was getting so hard and I was really excited. I was dripping wet infront of him, and this time I didn’t pull away as he bent his head forward and began to lick at my wet pussy. I will never forget, till the day I die, the feelings that went through my body when he licked me the first time. He pulled at my clit with his teeth, licking at me and my finger that was still inside myself. I just wanted to be as dirty as possible, make my first time something to remember. I could feel myself throbbing, and I knew that an orgasm wasn’t far off. He pushed his tounge further inside me and i bucked against his face, the orgasm hitting me with force. He stood up, taking me in his arms, backing me up against the wall and lifting me from the floor. His strong arms held me as I wrapped my legs around his waist, and his eyes looked straight into mine as he pushed into me. His full length slid into my hot and wet cunt, and I felt myself tear. John asked me if I was sure, and as I nodded, he began to pound into me. God I felt so horny. I thrust against him and met him eagerly. John started to grit his teeth, and I knew that he was close to orgasm. I stopped him, withdrew him from me, and pushed him to the floor. Straddling his body, I sank myself down on to him and felt him judder. I rode him hard and fast, feeling him pound against me, touching the very base of my cunt with his dick and making me jump. I felt near to orgasm, and bucked on top of John, riding him so hard I thought he would burst through me. He groaned out loud, and as he spilled into me, giving me one hard last thrust, I orgasmed again, finishing off the lovemaking that was my first time. John and I are now proud parents of a old boy called Jack, and have just celebrated our first year wedding anniversary.

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