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Heather’s First Time

Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Well Me and John started going out and neither of us thought our relationship would turn out as anything serious because we were so different but we ended up talking alot on the phone and then started spending the night together at out friends house.The first night we stayed together he fingered me for the first time but it did take him forever to talk me into letting him.I never did do anything to him because i was so scared but after a while i invited him to my house to watch movies mom went out to North Carolina and said she wouldnt be home till 1:00am.So we had the house to ourself.We started a movie but never really watched it.We were sitting on the couch holding each other and then started kissing.I was kinda expecting him to ask me to have sex with him but i didnt know what i was going to say untill it happened.First, all he did was ask if i would take my shirt off.So i did.Then he asked if i would take my pants off and i did.Then i lay on top of him kissing him in my thong and bra.He stopped kissing me and then asked “can i”.I said yes (he thought that i thought he was taking about fingering me).He then said “no i mean will you have sex with me”.I again said yes.He asked where i wanted to do it and i said my room.We went to my room and he then went to the bathroom and put on a condom.He came back and i took off my bra and thong.It was the first time we had seen each other totally nude.He told me to get on top so i did (although i was clueless of what i was doing).I rode him for a while and it hurt like hell.I didnt show how much it hurt me but it was worse then any filling i have ever felt before.After a while into it the phone rang and guess who it was.Yep thats right my mom.She was asking if we were okay i said yes and then got off the phone.A little while later my friend Jeffrey called but i hurried him off the phone.After a while john told me to get up and i did and he came.After we both got dressed we went back to the living room and sat in the chair together.Me and john are still together (9 months) and have had many more memories since then and have had sex in many new places and ways (in the ocean,on the beach,on the school playgroung,in a sauna,everywhere in a house,in the bath,in the woods,etc.)Most people say they hated their first time and regret it but im happy to say that even though it hurt so much it was worth it and i dont regret it at all because i was with someone i really love.

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