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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: bf's house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Hi! I’m Heather. I got my fist fucking when i was 14. i was visiting my bf, Harry, one afternoon. we were in his room necking and fooling around. things started to get out of hand as we both got so aroused. next thing i knew, we were both naked and exploring each other’s bodies.
Harry has a beautiful penis. It’s about 7 inches long when erect and has a bulbous purple head on it. His balls are also quite big and hang down between his legs. i started to play with it and Harry began groaning in pleasure. he reached down and began rubbing my pussy lips with his hand and it felt sooo good. i began moaning in pleasure from the wonderful feeling of his hands. Harry’s finger moved between my pussy lips and began moving across the swelling flesh at the top of my opening. that place really feels nice when touched. we were both panting and groaning. Harry laid me back on his bed and kneeled over me. you ready, heather, i’m going to fuck yo. okay, i cooed, do it nice. it will hurt a little at first, he told me, but gets better after awhile. Hold your pussy lips open for me, he asked, and i’ll guide it in. the tip of his penis was at my vagina entrance and felt warm and nice. he began pushing and his hard penis moved in slowly. once inside he was stopped when he reached my hymen. i’m gonna push hard heather and this is where it hurts but don’t worry it will feel better once i’m fully in. okay i said, i trust you. Harry pushed real hard and i felt something break inside me. ooh! that hurt, i cried. be patient, he said, i’ll take it easy. Harry began moving his hard cock in and out of my pussy lips slowly. he was right, it is beginning to feel nices. he kept moving it back and forth faster and faster. suddenly he jerked, pushed all the way invand grunted loudly. I felt warm liquid from his cock fill my pussy. Harry continued to thrust in and out and pleasure was starting to surge in my body. suddenly i felt a rush of pleasure and screamed out, oh harry, that feels wonderful, as i experiences my first orgasm. Harry’s movements slowed and his cock went limp but stayed inside me. we craddled each other in our arms, cuddled and kissed each other’s mouths passionately. relaxed, we fell asleep in that embrace. an hour or so later we woke up looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. Harry’s limp penis slid out of my pussy. it was shriveled and so small now. sweetheart, he murmured, that was most pleasurable. Yeah! i replied, for me too. we both laughed and said love is wonderful. we both went into the bathroom and showered together and laughed as we washed and played with each other’s bodies. that was my first time but not the last with Harry. He was so caring and tender and I loved him for showing the ropes. I’ve fucked many men since Harry, including my husband, Ray, who also pleases me manually, orally and vaginally. We have 3 kids now and enjoy a happy & healthy sex life. thanks harry, i’ll always remember my first time with you.

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