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Where it happened: BOYFRIEND HOUSE
Langauge: English
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

i was almost 18, and all my friends had lost thier cherry, so i decided that it was time for me. so i told my boyfriend rusty that i wanted him to be my first. it was wonderful. we wnt down stairs in his room, and he began to kiss me all around my neck, his lips were so soft, then as his hand went down into my panties. he felt my cunt in between my thighs. he took off my shirt and bra, sucked on my tits, while he fingered me, faste then slow. he went down on me, and licked me till i cam for the first time. then he took his dick out,and i started sucking his dick. then he got on top of me, and put his head in the opening of my pussy, it was tight, it took acouple of minutes to work it in and to pop my cherry. it felt so good, i did not want it to ever stop. we fucked for a while, i will never forget it when he cummed, the sound of pure pleasure. it was great.

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