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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: his rec room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I had been dating Gary for about three months. Of course dating at 15 doesn’t mean much. It all changed when he got his driver’s license. Then, when we went out our parents didn’t drive us.

For the first two months Gary didn’t touch me except to kiss me goodnight or hold my hand. We never frenched – just a regular kiss. On our first car date things started to change. Gary started to tell me how beautiful I looked and how nice my sweaters looked on me. I wasn’t overly developed but did have small breasts that did look nice in a sweater as they are so perky.

On about our second or third car date – I had on a skirt and sweater knee socks. As we were sitting at a stop light Gary ran his hand up my thigh gently several times. Suddenly as we were driving his hand was resting against the crotch of my panties. Then he rubbed me there gently. It felt so good. I could feel the wetness on my panties and was so embarrassed. Gary continued to rub me. We got to the movie and went in. Gary wanted us to sit in the two seats against the wall. There were not very many people there and we were alone in our row. About 15 minutes into the movie Gary started rubbing my pussy through my panties again. Then suddenly he said -“spread your legs Heather” I opened my legs. He very deftly and gently moved the crotch of my panties to the side and found my slit. He gently opened it with his index finger. Immediately the tip of his finger was on my clitoris stimulating it. I felt like I was gasping for breath. he eventually finger fucked me – it was my first time for being finger fucked and the only other person to ever touch my pussy had been my doctor. This sure felt different than when my doctor stuck his finger up me. He told me that when we got back to his house he wanted to fuck me with his dick. If it felt nearly as good as what his finger did I wanted it.

We returned toGary’s house and went downstairs to the rec room. We had gone to an early movie so it was only about 9:30. His parents neighors called for them to come play some bridge and they said they would be back by 11:00. Gary was an only child so we were alone and I knew that soon he would pull down my panties.

Gary asked me if I had ever been fucked. I told him no.
He gently pushed his hand under my top and pushed my bra above my titties. I will never forget that feeling of having a boy touch your tits- It made me so hot. He rubbed them gently and rubbed the nipples with his thumb. I could feel my nipples hardening and was embarrassed but Gary seemed to enjoy it. He told me gently that he was going to take off my sweater and look at my tits. He gently pushed the sweater over my head and then removed my bra. He said I had beautiful titties. He leaned forward and put his mouth to my right tit – flicked the nipple with his tongue and then sucked as I had seen babies do at their mother’s breasts. It felt wonderful. He continued gently pinching my titties and sucking my breasts then he undid his pants and pushed them down to his knees. His penis sprung from his pants and was straight up. “Suck my cock” he said. I told him I didn’t know how that I’d never seen a penis before. He gave me a few instructions and I started to suck him and gently fondle his balls. I loved the effect on him – his moaning and gasping. My face was in his lap and my bare titties resting against his leg – he was moaning and gasping. Then I felt his hand raise up my skirt and go down the back of my panties. I knew that I was going to be fucked soon. Again , as earlier he said”Heather spread your legs apart” I parted my legs. I expected to feel his finger go up my pussy – but he found my clitoris and stroked it first then he finger fucked me.
I couldn’t imagine anything hotter. I continued to suck him was really enjoying what I was doing to him.

He finger fucked me for at least five minutes – then his hand went towards the back and into my butt crack. He pulled his cock out of his mouth. He got up and took off his pants so he was naked from the waist down. He told me to stand up and face away from him. then he told me to lift up my skirt to my waist. I did. Then he pulled my panties down slowly over my ass. I stepped out of them and he gently turned me around. He unzipped my skirt and I stepped out of it. He was looking at me entirely naked. My tits were hard. I had verylittle pussy hair. I stood in front of him as he licked his fucking finger then spread my cunt open and slid it in me. He was sitting on the couch so his head was right at my titties – he sucked as he finger banged me. It was all I could do to stand up.

He asked me if he was the first boy to touch me. I told him yes that my doctor touched my breasts and fingered me during my exam but of course it didn’t feel like this.
He asked me if my doctor did anything else. I told him yes he put a finger in my rear end. Gary asked me how he did it. I told him I bent over the table and spread my buttocks for the doctor. He told me to bend over in front of him and spread- I did and he got his index finger wet in my pussy the slid it up my anus. he stood up behind me- fingering my rear and grabbing my titties in front. I wanted more.

After a good butt fingering. He laid me on the floor. He pulled my knees and spread my legs. He said he had fucked before and that he might have to push his dick up me hard and it was okay to cry out as no one was home. I watched as he got on his knees between my legs. suddenly he leaned down and kissed my pussy – then i felt His tongue. shudders started to run through me. Oh my god I cried. Gary knew he had to fuck me then. He took his mouth from my pussy and I was so turned on as he aimed his penis toward it. He leaned forward and started to gently push it in. He kept looking at me- when he reached my hymen- he said “I’m sorry Heather” and in one thrust put his length in me. Most of my friends say their first fuck was horrible but I was so orgasmic. the minute his dick was in me I started to cum. I arched my back and screamed Gary slammed his cock up into me hard again and again. He rubbed my clit with his thumb. I came again. During my second cum Gary got this awesome look onhis face and gave one deep deep thrust of his cock into me- he shot his load into my cunt. We hadforgotten the rubber and I had been well fucked. Fortunately I did not get pregnant.
Gary fucked me almost every night through high school.
We eventually started doing anal and I enjoyed that.

I did not marry Gary – but would pull down my panties in a minute for him if he showed up at my door.

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