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He screwed me so I screwed his little brother.

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Living room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I was fifteen when it happened. My neighbor kid was always saying he was going to get me some day . We were in the same class and we talked sex since we were like ten. We had never seen each other but said we had. My parents thought I lost my virginity when I was twelve from a uncle they had banished from our house they told me latter. Well we were cleaning this car and he just reached up grabbed my hair and kissed me. What was that for ? You smell so good. Later he had the vacume and stuck the nozzle up my mini skirt and he held my waist as it was sucking on me. Well I about jumped out a window at first, but after a second or two I just wanted beat him up. I told him to stop or I would loose my virginity to a damn vacume.Shit no way he said. YOUR STILL CHERRY! Shut up you want the neighbors to hear. I love repeating when people say real stupid things . So this is worth repeating. How long you been Cherry he asked me. My whole life I told him. That was a stupid question wasn’t it. Let me see he said. I wanna see and that is when we started wrestling for sure. The vac was still running and my neighbor was pulling my panty down my ass cheeks . Between the shifter the bucket seats and the windex I lost my skirt . I was a twisted pretzel and yelled out you can look if you want. So I laid back on the back seat . My neighbor kissed me on my lips a good ten times and I was not angry any more. I’m white at least 10 pounds over weight and self concious about it. My neighbor who is Hispanic is built perfect. I wasn’t shaven but I kept my bush short and he pulled my panty that was stretched out of shape from the struggle. He lifted my top up and I reached back and unfastened my 32 C bra. For the first time I was not ashamed but I felt great breaking out of my shell. Look at you he said . You have such a nice body. I did have a nicer body a year later when I lost the ten I had then . He turned the vacume off and said it a good thing I didn’t take you cherry with this. Are you a virgin I asked him ? He told me his English teacher last year was his first , and then a girl at school we both know. So what’s a virgin look like he asked me? Like this and I moved my hand as I had my legs apart. I don’t get it there is nothing different he said. Yes there is look closer and use your fingers. Oh so it’s just under the wing things . I leaned back and it felt good as he was touching me . I sat up and I could tell by the look on his face he was thinking about fucking me. I was shaking my head no . And he unbuckled his pants and pushed them down . His cock was wet from precum and with out foreplay he placed it correctly and I lay back . I screamed a little and it was over and he fucked me for five minutes and pulled out before he came. We both went home. I was mad at him and we didn’t speak for a week . Two months later his twelve year old brother was in my back yard playing with my pet cat . I asked him if he wanted to play with a real pussy. So I showed him my pussy and asked him if he wanted to have sex . So we went to my living room and I took all his things off and we wrestled on the floor. He finally got it right and started fucking me like a professional. It was only my second time. He came in me . We showered and made love when we got out and it was a half hour before he came. I called his brother who walked in on us. He is only twelve he yelled and slammed the door and we fucked each other all week after school. I have a 3 year old daughter and 16 year old boy friend and I’m only 19.

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