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Have you ever played spoons?

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Camping Trip
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Most of theses stories seem unrealistic but this one is real. We were at a summer retreat camping trip with our church group. There was about 15 of us on the trip. On one of the days both of the youth group leaders went on a long hike and 5 of us stayed behind at camp. There was 3 boys and 2 girls. The three boys were Randy age 16, Mark age 15 and Stewart age 12. The two girls were my friend Kay age 14 and myself age l4. All five of us were playing a card game called spoons at the picnic table. The game is played by using 4 aces, 4 kings, 4 queens, 4 jacks, and 4 tens with five people playing. The cards are shuffled and only 4 spoons are put out on the table. You continue passing cards at the same time to the left until somebody matches 4 cards. That person grabs the spoon and that signals for everybody else to grab a spoon. The person who ends up without the spoon loses that round of the game. There was also another rule and that was if anybody touched any of the spoons and didn’t have 4 of a kind, then they were the loser. The first one to lose 10 times was always the big loser. After we played awhile, Mark said it was getting boring and that we needed to make the game more interesting. He suggested that the person without the spoon at the end of each game had to take off a piece of clothing. We laughed at him and told him we were not going to play that way. Mark dared us to play and then all of the boys started calling us chicken. They continued to tease us and they made us so mad that Kay finally told them that we would play. We moved the game inside to one of the larger dome tents that six boys were sleeping in. It was crowded but we sat in a circle in the tent and started to play the game. We agreed to all start the game fair with 7 pieces of clothing on. We had fun and the game got very competitive. Stewart was losing. He was already down to his undershorts while the rest of us still had at least 4 articles of clothing on. Then Kate lost and she chose to take off her cut off jeans. Then Stewart lost again. Stewart looked very uncomfortable and and said he was going to quit the game. Kay and I said we thought it would be a good time for all of us to quit. Everybody kind of agreed. As we started to leave the tent Kay foolishly mentioned to everbody that the girls won and then Randy and Mark said the game wasn’t over with yet. They told everybody to stay. Randy and Mark told Stewart that he had lost fair and square and needed to take his undershorts off in order for the game to continue on. Stewart looked awkwardly at both of his friends and then he pulled off his underwear. He was so embarrassed and upset that I felt sorry for him. At age 12 he was still a little boy with a small penis and looked very embarrassed by it. He put his hands in front of his penis to hide it from all of us. He was out of the game but he continued to watch as we played on. Mark and Kay started to lose the games and they both were down to their underwear. Kay lost the next game again and all the boys cheered and screamed. She sat there and said she didn’t want to take anything else off but all the boys insisted that she needed to. She made all the boys promise not to say anything to anybody about playing the game. She said she didn’t feel very good about this and she asked Stewart if he wanted to get dressed and leave. Stewart said he wanted to stay and Randy and Mark insisted it would be all right for him to stay even if he was younger. Kay then reached back and pulled her bra off. Kay was tall and thin and she crossed her arms in front of her and tried to hide her breasts. As the game continued on, she had to hold the cards and grab for the spoons and she could no longer hide her breasts. I had never seen her breasts before and they were smaller than mine but fit her body very nicely. I could tell the boys were impressed. Finally the game came down to Randy and Mark left with only their undershorts, Kay in her panties and me in my bra and panties. Mark lost and he was mad. He pulled off his underwear and looked really embarrassed. His penis was more enlarged than Stewart’s and he had pubic and hair and it was the first time I had actually seen one like that and it was interesting for me. It was the first time for Kay also. Mark put his hands in front to hide his penis like Stewart was doing. As we played on Kay lost the next round. The boys yelled and hollered again and she pulled off her panties and sat with her hands covering between her legs. All the boys starred at her and she was embarrassed. We were so close together with each other in the tent that everybody was trying to hide what they could. Randy and I continued on as everybody watched intently. Randy lost and I had won the game. He pulled of his undershorts and I could see he had lots of dark hair and the most mature and largest penis of all three boys. He also tried to hide it with his hands like everybody else. They admitted that I was the winner but Randy asked me if I would play one more round. I told him that they didn’t have anything to play for since they all didn’t have any more clothes to take off. Randy said if I won again that they would all do anything that us girls wanted them to do like doing all of their work for them for the rest of the camping trip. He said if he wins I need to continue to take of my underwear. I had won and I did not want to take any more chances. Kay then moved over and whispered in my ear that I should try and play one more time. She suggested that if I won again I should make them all stand up in front of the two of us girls without them hiding anything. She also said to me that we could get a good look at them and make them feel embarassed becasue they teased us so much to play the game. We were both still curious and I decided to take the chance. I played and I beat Randy barely again. I then tried to explain what we wanted them to do. I told them that they did not need to do our work for us. I said that the three of them needed to stand up and put their hands behind their backs so they were not hiding anything from us. They looked very surprised about my request and Kay insisted that they lost and needed to pay up. Randy made the three of them stand naked in front of us with their hands behind their backs while we looked at them. It was awkward for everybody but we enjoyed embarrassing and looking at them. Mark looked very disturbed as his penis became hard and we saw our first erection. Mark asked me if I would let him play against me for one more time. He said if I won he would pay me $50, and if he won I would have to take off my underwear. I told him no and he offered to pay me one hundred dollars if I won. I really didn’t want to play but the money sounded good and I told them I would only give them one more chance. As everybody watched I played Mark another game and this time he proceded to win. I was mad at myself for not getting out of the game a total winner like I could of. I was always satisfied with the size and shape of my breasts but I was still embarrassed as I removed my bra in front of them. Both Randy and Stewart started getting erections also. As I started to put my bra back on, Mark insisted that I wasn’t done yet. I asked him what he was talking about and he said he had wagered the $100 for all of my underwear. I told him that he was totally wrong. He insisted the bet was for all of my underwear. We argued and Kay admitted to me that he said underwear and not just bra. I felt like I was cheated and tricked by him and I told him so. I took off my panties and let them see me naked. Mark all of sudden started gushing out all over the tent. We all grabbed our clothes, put them on and left. We were not exactly sure what happened with Mark at that time. But later we realized what he had happen to him. The moral of this story is to always quit when your the winner!!!! and don’t let anybody talk you into anything!!!!!

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