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Hard Truck Fuck

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: on the way to melbourne from tatura
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

i was driving back to melb. from tatura and my car wouldnt start at the petrol station after i filled up, i was driving a shit box mitsubishi.
i needed a lift into town, so i asked a truck driver to take me into town because he was headed that way, he said ok so i jumped in he was a big fella. dont mean to be mean but he was fat, anyways there was a 2 hour drive to get through i asked him to wake me up once we got into town he said ok, and said i can sleep in the cabin just behind the seat. so i did. then i woke up but had my eyes closed and there was no noise at all, i i noticed was the driver having a feel of my boobs. i had nothing on he stripped me naked, i was freaking out, he said u need a lift i need something in return little girl.
so i agreed because i had no choice he pulled he was also naked and all sweaty fro the heat in the cabin, so he laid back and said u know the drill. so i teased him a little rubbed my boobs over his cock, he had a pretty big cock, he was a big guy too. so then i gave him a blow job, he throat fucked me, then he said stop. i thought that`s all he wanted, he pulled out a condom and slipped it on, and pushed me on my back and climbed over me, i did not want him to fuck me, but hes intentions were different i could hardly breathe he slipped his big cock deep in me hard, it hurt so bad but he fucked me so hard i was suffocating in the heat and under his sweaty belly and hot breath.i was trying to push him off so he can back off a little but he grabbed my wrists and push them down and was holding them hard, he was fucking me so hard it hurt and i was enjoying it. then he pulled out and rolled me over into doggy position and fucked me again from behind, he was pounding my clit so hard that his balls were slapping up against my clit, i couldnt beleive how fast he was going and he never came till like for ever, then he stopped to take a breath. then he entered my bum, he fucked me hard as hell. he pulled out and grabbed me by the hair and forced his cock down my into my mouth and mouth fucked me i was going to throw up, i was gagging, and he blew a massive load in my mouth. and made me swallow it and i lick his cock dry and he made me lick off all the pussy juice off his cock and balls then we laid there and he passed out so did i. when i woke up he had his cock in me again he was fucking me again but not as hard then he blew in my mouth and i swallowed it again, that wasnt my first time but it was the hardest fuck i ever had. i still meet tha driver once a week when he is down in melbourne. we have a wild time, i get him angry, all the time, becoz when he is angry i get the best fuck ever, u should try it,

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