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Hard Nipples

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Office
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

It was one of those hot days. In these heat, even a light jacket is oppressive. So i decided
to wear a thin silk blouse with a matching mini skirt to work. At that time, I was a bit frustrated
because everytime I walked to the office,every guy will look at my 38C.
When i reached the office, I was called to the main office of the vice chairman. She’s a good-looking
named Sarah. About 5 years younger than me. I told her about my problem. Then suddenly, she came up to me
and began to cupped my big tits.”Let me help you to relax”,Sarah said.I can see that she was still mesmerized
by my large tits.Her expert hands had really strained my red nipples even harder to poke my thin blouse.
After a little while, Sarah unbuttoned herself and stood naked if front of me. I loved to see her naked,
besides her big boobs,the rest were perfect too,from her long sexy leg to her very puffy pussy wet lips.
At that time, i was squirming in her chair, opening and closing me legs, trying to put pressure on my wet pussy
as Sarah was still busy sucking and biting me hard red nipples. By then both of us can’t ignore our wet pussy and
Sarah began to moved towards my pussy and slid in a large dildo to play with in these game.As the dildo was fitted
inside my pussy, sticking out obscenely from my hot crotch,”I want to ride it”.
During that time, we were fucking ourselves really hard. Moaning and fucking was fun. I guessed nobody
knew about what happened inside.After resting for a moment to get our breath, Sarah realised that i still want
more. I open my leg wide exposing my wet cunt and waiting for her mouth to be on it.She was really turned on to
my clit.She first flicked her tongue over it’s little head and then sucked it between her teeth. after only several
nipping and licking, her mouth was already full of hot cunt juice.
It’s the best experience of all.. We continued to our office works after that!

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