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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: his room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

It was my 15th birthday. Justin, my boyfriend at that time was 18 years old. Much older and much more experienced that me. But Justin has always been such a gentleman. He never took advantage of me. The farthest we’ve ever gone was french kissing. Once I slept in his room but he didn’t touch me. He even slept on the couch.

Justin and I were together for over a year before my 15th birthday. Since his parents were away for the week, he planned a surprise birthday party for me in his house. He invited all of my friends. He told my parents that he was planning a sleep-over party down at their beach house with a few close friends. My parents know and like Justin a lot. So when he told then about the surprise party my parents agreed to it right away.

That whole day, Justin and I went around town to all of our favorite places while our other friends were fixing his house for my surprise party.

He made me feel so special that day. The party ended late and I was really so tired. I thought all surprises was over until he carried me to his room and laid me down on his rose petal covered bed. he handed me a small box with a very beautiful necklace inside and a note that said “All of this is not to get you to make love to me. This is to show you how special you are to me. I just want to spend this night with you. Happy Birthday!”

That note made me feel even more special. We started making out on his bed. After about 15 minutes of heavily kissing I excused myself to use the bathroom. He told me to use the bathroom of my sister and to just get one of her nightgowns there since his sister and I are of the same size. I took a bath and put on one of his sisters white silk lingerie with a matching silk white robe. When I came into the room Justin has fallen asleep on his bed. I slowly took of the robe, sat on the bed and said “Thanks Justin. I Love you so much.” As he opened his eyes, he was surprised to see me in such a seductive outfit. I could see him blush. I gave him a sweet long kiss. The I took his shirt and pants off. Justin was really surprised about what was happening. I was about to take of my lingerie when he asked me if I was sure about what this. I took of the lingerie without saying a work. It was the first time Justin ever saw me naked. Even if he had had sex with other girls before I could see that Justin was nervous and that he was really turned. I could tell because i could see his penis standing from inside his boxers as I took them off. It was the first time I saw a penis. I didn’t know what to do with it. I laid down beside him and we were making out again. I could feel his heart raising. He was touching me all over my body. Once again he asked me if I was sure about this and all I said was “Teach me how. I want to repay you for making my birthday special.”

Then we kissed again. He was touching my breasts and then he went down to suck my breasts and went even lower to suck my pussy. OH! It felt so good. He played with me for about 30 minutes. Then I was the one who went down on him and gave him a blow job.

After about 2 hours of four play I told Justin that I wanted him to make love to me. He was apprehensive but I told him that I was ready. It hurt at first when he thusted his penis into my pussy but after a while it started to feel so good. Justin came less than ten minutes after we did it. He took his penis out and came all over my tummy. He knew I wasn’t done yet so he continued to finger me until I finally came. OH! It was the best experienced I’ve ever had. We must have done it about 5 times more before me finally fell asleep in each others arms.

The next day I woke up when Justin came into the room still naked with my breakfast. We ate the pancakes he cooked together in bed and cuddled together and just started chatting. Before we knew it we were having sex again. We did all over the house. We ended in his bathroom with a nice warm bubble bath. There he told me that he called my parents and told them that we were all having so much fun and decided to stay a day longer. Sneaky him but I was happy he did so because I wanted to be with him longer.

We stayed naked till I was headed for home the day after. We must have done it about a hunderd times in thouse two days. It was the best experience I have ever had. And I still get so turned on when I think about it until today.

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