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Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I never had sex before until I finished my tertiary education. I continued my studies and that is when I met my first girl friend. Her name was Gynnie and she joined the class only in the second of my course semester. Most of my classes were night classes, and that time she was working part time in a bank. But later she had to resign as the courses became tougher. Anyway, I only got to know her when she approached me in class to ask if she could join me in a group assignment. One night her boyfriend called her up, and they had an argument and she ended up crying. It was then nearly 8pm when I received a call from her and she was crying. She asked me to go to her house. So I took my bike and rode to her house. She was sitting at the door step crying. I went up to her and she hugged me. She then told me she broke up with her boyfriend. I did not know what to say, but inside I was happy. After hugging me, I took her into her room and asked her to try and get some sleep. I try to get up to leave but she pulled my t-shirt and asked me to stay. So I had no choice but to sit beside her. She then asked me to kiss her. Again I wanted to give her a peck on the lips instead she grabbed me and started to kiss my lips and it got really passionate. She then told me that’s how kissing should be. I just smile. She asked me to kiss her again and so I did. We kissed passionately again and then we French kissed. I could feel her tongue playing with my tongue. Feel kind of awkward at first but it was nice. Then I asked her to go to sleep as it was getting late. She asked me not to leave her because she was afraid being alone. Since it was the university semester break all her housemate had gone back to their hometown, leaving her alone for few weeks. So I decided to spend a night there. She asked me to sleep beside her. I was wearing jeans which feel really uncomfortable when sleeping. I think she noticed because she asked me to take them out if I feel uncomfortable in them. Without any hesitation, I removed my jeans in front of her. She then asked me to hug her to sleep. My dick got really hard when it rubbed against her small tight ass. She could feel it because she turned around and asked me if I am hard. I just smile and I could feel my face turning red. She said it is ok, and asked if she could touch it. I nod my head, and she put her hand into my underwear and started rubbing my hard dick. It really felt good. I never had a girl holding my cock and rubbing it. Really felt different when rubbing it myself. She then took my hand and put my hand into her t-shirt, touching her C-size breast, over her bra. I just kept my hand on her breast and tried to sleep. Slowly I could feel her hand stop moving, and saw she was asleep. But her hand was still in my underwear holding my cock. I took my hand away from her breast and pushed my hand into her shorts. I played with her pubic hair and saw she didn’t seem to mind. So I move my hand further down and into her panty. She woke up and tried to push my hand out, but I continued to push further in until I could feel the lips of her pussy. It was really wet, and when I touched the lips she gave out a moan. Her hand went weak and no longer resist my advancement. I played with her wet pussy as she gave out soft moans. It was really turning me on, as her other hand still holding my erected cock. I could not take it any longer so I pull her t-shirt up together with her bra, and out popped her white breasts. I quickly kissed one of her soft perky breast and she got up and pushed me away. She was kind of mad and told me not to kiss her breast. She was telling me that only her husband can see her breast and her pussy. She also told me that I can only touched them because she was also just touching my dick and never looked at it.

I told her I was sorry but she said she will only accept my apology if I let her see my dick. So I pulled down my underwear to let her see my still erratic cock. She then gave me a satisfactory smile and put her hand back on my dick and started rubbing it again. I just lie back beside her and put my hand into her shorts and panty and started playing with her wet cunt. Then I felt like I was about to cum and told her to stop. But she did not and continued to rub me faster. Then I shot out a whole load of sperm onto her palm. She smiled at me and reached for her towel and wiped the sperm off her hand. She then went back to sleep and asked me to hug her. I had this guilty feeling letting my self being yanked by a girl. But then the feeling disappeared and I fell asleep beside her. I woke up in the morning and put on my jeans again and told her I need to get back. She said goodbye and watch me leaved at the door.
Two days after my first night with Gynnie, I received a call from her after having dinner with her and dropping her off at her rented home. She asked me to come over to her house and accompany her again. It was still semester break, and her housemate has not come back from their holidays. We were already a couple, holding hands and going out together often. I took a quick shower and ride up to her house. She was already waiting for me at the door. We went straight up to her room and turned off the lights. We lied down on the bed and started kissing. She then asked me to remove my jeans before going to sleep, so I just took my jeans off. She then placed her hand into my underwear and started rubbing my cock, just like the first night together with her. I wasted no time and pushed my hand into her shorts and panty to play with her cunt. Her pussy was wet as I fingered her and she started to moan. Then she asked me if I would like to kiss her breast, and I said yes. I then pulled her t-shirt off revealing her black bra. I fondle with her bra trying to unhook it, but I could not find. She laughed at my clumsiness and guided my hand to the front of her bra. It was a pushed up bra with a hook at the front. I unbuckled the hook to revel her breast. I first kissed her nipples one after another and this made her groan even louder. She then pushed my hand down until my fingers hooked onto her shorts. She then made me pull her shorts and panty down. Even though the room light was off, I could still see her naked body from the street light that shone through the window. She was beautiful, just lying there. I sat up and marvel at the beauty that was in front of me. The white skin, the soft perky breasts, the hard nipples sticking out at the tip of her breast, her well kept pubic hair, her small tight ass, her pinked and wet pussy. It was all too beautiful for me. She then got up and tugged my t-shirt off. She then went to work with my underwear, and soon I was naked in front of her. She then started kissing and licking my chest and nipple, my cock and my balls. She said she wanted to know me better. I smiled at her and started to kiss her body as well.

We then began kissing passionately and lied back in bed. I continued to finger her as she rubbed my hard cock. She was giving out soft moans. Then, between her moan, I heard her pleading me, “I want you, I want you now,”
I did not understand at first, and so she repeated, “Please, I want you now. I want you now,”
I looked into her eyes and asked her, “You want me to go in you?”
And in between her morn, she said “YES, I want you now, I want you inside of me”
This was the first time I am fucking a girl, so I lie on top of her and aligned my hard cock with her wet pussy. I was clumsy at first, and unable to find her hole. She then placed her hand onto my cock and guided me in. I went in slowly, and could feel her wetness around my cock. Her pussy was tight, even though she was not a virgin. I pushed my cock further in and she gave a long moan. Then all my cock was inside of her, and I started to move my cock in and out of her pussy. It was a little bit painful at first, but slowly the pain subsided and it felt great. She then got a little wild and started to move her hips, faster and faster. She then asked me to lie down on my back and started to buck on top of me. I could see her breasts bouncing as she started to buck my cock. I could not resist and so I kissed and nibble on her nipple. She started to moan even louder and started bucking on my cock like crazy. I could not take it and pumped a full load of sperm inside of her. She then pulled my limped cock out of her pussy and let my sperm dripped out of her pussy. She then took a towel and whipped the sperm off her pussy. We then started to French kiss, and my cock started to come hard again. She was surprise at seeing me hard again and quickly went to work bucking on my cock again until I cum one more time. Maybe because it was my first time fucking a girl that makes me to become hard easily, even though I have blown a full load twice. We tried different positions all through the night until early in the morning. We never sleep the whole night because busy humping like wild rabbits.
The last load I shot was when I was on top of her, pumping in and out of her already swollen pussy. By then, there was not much sperm left for me to squirt out. But I just let my last load of sperm squirt onto her belly. If not mistaken, I came more than 5 times that day. That really left me limping. I think it was already 7 am in the morning and the sun had already brightened up the room. I could see she was tired and exhausted from all the excitement. We rest for a while in each other arms. Then we got up and dressed and went for an early breakfast. After that, I sent her back to her home and I went back to my own home to take some good rest. I promised myself then that I will marry her, because she was the first girl that I fucked and loss my virginity too. But I was dead wrong. Some things are beyond our expectation, and beyond our control.
Anyway, we did continue to fuck ever since then, and it became more like an everyday event for us. She later shifted in with me, and this made us to have sex nearly everyday. As time passes by, she began to experience orgasms whenever having sex with me, sometimes multiple orgasms. Something she never had experience before with her first boyfriend. We would also do oral sex on each other until we both cum. After completed our studies, we started too traveled to other places and would never missed having sex in different hotels. This added more spiced in our sex life and often helped her to achieve multiple orgasms. This went on for 3 solid years.

However we are no longer together. We broke up last year. She dumped me for another guy. That slut. But I did have a last chance to have sex with her before I moved out of town. I regret I did not make her pregnant that day. Of course her new boyfriend did not know this. She asked me to keep it a secret from him. Ever since then I never contacted her.

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