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gwen and i

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: in the shower
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

The first time Ii really entered a girl was both exciting and confusing. Gwen, my next door nieghbour,who was a year younger than myself, and I were painting the fence my dad had built on a hot summers day.As we weren’t professional painters we tended to get a bit off paint on each other “accidentely” and I suggested that anymore and we would have to take a shower together. To my surprise she jumped at the idea. Lucklyy my parents were out that afternoon so we quickly put the paint and brushes away and retired to the bathroom. We had “played” with each other before and knew that it felt relly good but never to the point of cuming so i knew what i was going to see and play with but wasn’t ready for the real thing. We stepped into the shower and started soaping each other up. This was the first time I had her all wet all over and it was quite a new experience. I started soaping between her legs and on her young, tiny breasts and she soaped my cock into its full length. Well, one thing led to another and my wet, soapy cock started playing between her wet, soapy legs. We had never attempted intercourse before so when I slid deep inside her it was quite a cripleling feeling, My knees were trembling but I leaned Gwen aginst the wall and kept pushing while she responded similarly. I knew nothing about being a gentleman and letting the lady cum first so I just kept pumping untill this increadable feeling, almost like pissing came up from the bottoms of my feet and before I knew what was happening I shot my first load into, mostly
onto Gwens young, tight little body. I was so surprised that we quickly got out and dried each other off, talking about what was that great feeling we both just had. Needless to say we tried to get that feeling back many times after that. I still have a speacial thing for wet, soapy women

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