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GUY TO guy

Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: ROOM
Langauge: english (malaysia)
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

The first day I went to my office after I was appointed as administrator of the affairs and accounts office. Once I started working I was invited to a meeting of important matters that employers and employees. At that time, approximately 10 members attend the meeting. Chairman introduced me to them and appointed me as secretary to the organization. I was observed by him (one of the member) around 2 hours. Then he put his head after I started to view. Then, I asked him why you look me? reported, there is not any. he smiled with me at all times. one day I had to stay his home, because there is no electricity in my house. I am treated like princes in his room. At about 11.57pm, I started to feel another kind (cold). I look he is not sleeping. he began to look sexy to me. he always remove his shirt and pants he was sleeping at the time, say. Once I began to touch his chest 4pack (wow, I panting) putting his erect a bright start, he sticks 50% tense. he ask, you want ‘it’. Yes, said with a smile. he began to bring the penisand rub on my chest, “Ah I really feel. The penis bright, clean, and it continued when he began to erect entry in my mouth. I suck mad and he said he sticks, never suck by anyone. he began to feel skirt violent entry in my mouth for about 25 min.I laid down on the mattress he smell on my lips, and my nipples. He input his index finger in my mouth and I out of breath. his penis enter the second time and I suck. He headed his index finger in my ass while he smell on my lips. He began to enter his penis into my ass. ahh, very painful. He asked me why the? This my first time lah, I answered! he very happy. He began to enter the penis gently in the my ass. Wow, it was satisfied, and i was thirst. mine and his body, began to sweat out. he continued about 40 min … !? I say simply can not hold, feels painful. he smell on my lips. quickly he remove the penis that produce sperm and headed in my mouth. the lick and suk the penis+sprem. he said, he so happy having sex with me! wow, first time I can ‘feel’ great in my life. then we shower and continue to sleep. sometimes we do ‘IT’. but now he is not in malaysia. he was overseas. DO YOU want ME?

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