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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: on the beach
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

It was a hot sunny afternoon in the middle of July. I was working with my bulldozer on a small island in a big lake.
The machines engine suddenly stopped, and i couldn¦t
start it again, so I called the repairman, and he told me he couldn¦t come before 17:00. I decided to stay at the little
empty beach and swim for a while. I jumped into the water naked, because i haven¦t got my swimshorts. When I had been in the water for about ten minutes I heard some
screaming and jelling, and the next second these three blond naked young girls jumped into the water.They where shocked at first, cause they didn¦t expect anyone to be there, but soon they where swimming around me, and noticed that I was naked too.My ten minutes in the water had made my dick very small and they started to tease me. They swam around me and tried to touch my dick, and I enjoyd it. Now I saw that the three girls must have been sisters, the youngest one seemed to be about 15 and her older sisters was probably 17-18 years. After a while they pulled me out of the water and laid me down on the ground.The middle sister grabbed my small dick and started to suck on it, it didn¦t take long before it was hard as a rock and 7 inches The oldest sister sat on my chest and showed me her shaved pussy, I started to lick and suck her and squized her big boobs. The youngest sister seemed to be very unexperienced at first. She stood behind and just watched, but soon she begun to squize her firm and small tits and finger her softhaired pussie. I saw she started to put some fingers in her pussie and I told her to come closer and kneel behind me.Now I ate the big sister out, fingerpulled the wet virginsister and the middlesister who was sucking my dick now was ready to ride my cock. She moaned when the big cock entered her tight, wet and horny pussie, and she ride me slowly. That was too much for me and I shot my cum up in her hole.Now they changed places the oldest teached the youngest how to do a good blow-job! They both sucked and jerk my dick and it was hard again. The other sister
sat on my chest with her hairy pussie near my face and I started to rubb her nice breasts and lick her pussie and suck her clit. Soon she came in a double orgasm, she fell off my chest, and i stood up. Now I wanted to fuck the virginsister from behind.She stood on all four and let my cock sniff on her pussie which now was wet as the sea.
I pressed my cockhead against her pussielips, and slowly pushed it in. God so tight she was! I fucked her from
behind and she sucked her older sisters shaved pussie
during my fucking. My dick exploded in her body after 25 minutes, and the cum started to ran out from her pussie.
The oldest sister was now waiting for her treatment, we begun in a 69 and I was sucking her clit and scuized her nice ass and I felt her big boobs on my stomach. She was sucking and jerking my cock too and now it was bigger then ever. I must have the dick in me, she said and sat up and begun to ride my dick, it felt soo good. I told the youngest one to come near me, and she stood over me leaning on her knees and hands, and I started to lick her pussie and her clit, and I can tell by the noise that she enjoyd it.The middlesister laid down in front of the young one ,and she started to lick her clit and pussie. Less than
a minute later we all came in hugh orgasms, and there was
pussie juice and cum overall. What a first time! I never will forget!

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