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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Well, first let me tell you my name. I’m Natalie. I’m 5’6,
about 140 lb., and have a 30B bra. OK, let’s begin:
My parents were off on their 2nd honeymoon.
My boyfriend, Rob, 16, was having a party at his house. My
sister was gonna babysit me, but she told me to stay at the
party as long as I want. Perhaps spend the night.
He mostly invited older kids, but he did have a few younger ones.
Anyway, I went to the party in a black skin tight dress
showing that I had no bra in the back. I was having a good
time at the party. Then, Rob and his pal, Marc, decided to
have a little fun. They started spiking people’s drink with
some beer. None of us realized it until it was too late.
After having a few drinks, the acohol got to me. The next
slow dance I was dancing with this little guy, named Seth.
I slowly moved my hands down until I was feeling his butt.
Seth, who was still sober, looked at me in a funny way and
asked if I was okay. I said yeah, and then I asked them if
he wanted to see my breasts. He looked a little insulted, and
said, “Of course I do!”
Now, he told afterward he meant in a backroom. I thought
he meant right there. So I unhooked my neck rope and pulled
my dress down, exposing my breasts. He looked embarassed, and
tried to cover them up. But I kept pulling his hands away
to my pussy, which was wet from my pee, not cum. Seth then
ran away. So I walked to the next guy, dress still down, and
asked him to dance. He turned, looked down, and stared at me.
Little did I realize that right then everybody started
staring at the topless girl. I climbed up on a table, fell
down, and climbed back up. I then asked, “You want to see
Most of the guys hollered “Yeah!” The girls just looked
mad. I didn’t care. I started swaying back and forth, bring-
ing my hands down and pulling down my panties. Then, I
started squeezing my breast and swaying once more. Then, I
slowly peeled down my dress, leaving me up there in high
heels and a smile. Then I pulled one of the guys up. I think
his name was Chad. Chad had just started to feel the affects
of the beer, so he resisted a little. Not enough. I put my
arms underneath his ‘pits, and started unbuttoning his shirt
with one hand, and rubbing his cock with the other. He was
moaning slightly. After ripping off his shirt and throwing
it to the crowd, I unzipped his pants and removed them. By
then, everyone was getting drunk. I grabbed his underwear
and ripped it completely in two, exposing just a five-inch
hard on. I started rubbing it, and it started growing. I
climbed back around him and started sucking his cock. Then,
Rob climbed up, and said, “You saw the example Natalie gave
us. Now, let’s have an orgy!”

The crowd roared, “Yeah!”, as three guys started to crowd-
surf me, face down. As I floated above everybody, they felt
my entire body over. Finally, they brought me down. The
music was still playing, and I walked over to Seth, who was
wearing only his shirt, and pushed him down, and then jumped
on him. Though we were drunk, we found the correct hole in a
minute, and the fucking began! As it entered, I felt a bit
of pain. Not enough to get over a small moan, but still I
felt it. Then, I heard the cherry pop! Not just mine, but
many around the room! I felt tremendous pain, screamed, and
woke up from the drunkenness. I realized what I had done. I
was no longer a virgin. I felt sorrow. Then, the pleasure
came. It knocked me straight back into drunkenness. I no
longer cared anymore! I started moving to the motion, going
faster and faster, getting more intense! Seth, who was
rubbing my breasts, couldn’t do it from all the pleasure.
Finally, I came with Seth. I fell over on Seth, near
unconscieness. Seth rolled me over and started fucking me
with him on top. I was only tired for a minute then. The
pleasure came back and took over again. I went slower this
time, and Seth started to suck my tits. Then, I blacked out.
When I woke up, it was 5 A.M. Everybody was gone,
except for me, Seth, Rob, Marc, and some older girls. I
got up with a huge hangover, and started looking for my
clothes. When I found them, my underwear was in shreds, and
my dress had been cut off near the end. I mean, when I would
stand up, it would be covering up, but when I sit down, my
panties or pussy would be completely exposed. I licked my
lips, and tasted tons of cum on them. I woke up Rob, and
asked him why he spiked the drinks. He said,”It really
brought out the party in you.” He then explained to me all
the things I did last night and all the guys and gals I
jacked, sucked, and fucked.

My head was spinning with all this. I didn’t realize
that Rob had knocked me down and started fucking me until
the pleasure came. This time, the pleasure didn’t bring
happiness. It brought sadness as I realized how much a
possibility I would have of getting pregnant or getting AIDS.
I wept.

That was two years ago. Now, I’m married to Seth, and
have a young son, Seth Jr. My parents kicked me out after I
had the child. I lived with my aunt and uncle since. Seth
was the biological father. I’m glad it was him. He’s been
really on the father deal. Though I still attend high school,
I am a C student. We kept the child because we wanted to.

That night, from what Rob said, I had sex with over 40
people. That scares me. Here’s a tip: Don’t drink, always
have protection. When we have our third child, we will get
my tubes tied. That’s the only way to stop it.

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