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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: The neighbor's home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

It happened during my sophomore year at South Side High School. I lived next door to a young couple who loved to entertain the neighbor youth. They threw a party nearly every weekend, and they were lots of fun. There was usually about 15 of us there plus her and her husband. He liked rock and roll and he always had the volumn cranked! At one of the parties Cathy asked me to dance, and we did. She really smelled good, and my penis got real hard as I was holding on too her. I think she could feel it too because she kinda rubbed her one leg against it. The next week, my brother and I went over just to watch some evening TV with her and her husband. My brother got sleepy and went home and her husband had to get up early the next morning and he went to bed. That left just the two of us on the couch. We talked for awhile then she slid over close to me and kissed me real hard on the mouth. We kissed for awhile then I went home, cause I had school the next day. The next night, I went over alone and her husband again went to bed early. This time she was in a long nightshirt, instead of a sweatshirt and jeans. We began kissing and she took my hand and put it on her boob. She was naked under the nightshirt, and pretty soon she lifted up her gown so I could get a good look at her boobs. She had nice firm one’s with real dark nipples. I began kissing them and sucking them. After a couple of minutes, she stood up and took the shirt off completely, and laid down on the couch and beckoned me to lay on top of her. I did, and she began stroking my penis as I continued sucking her nipples. Soon she spread her legs and guided my penis into her waiting pussy. WOW I shot the biggest load I’d ever felt. The next night, after her husband went to bed, she placed her head in my lap and we watched TV for a few minutes, then she turned her head down into my crotch and began blowing her warm breath across it. She then unzipped my jeans, reached inside and pulled my cock out and gave me my first blow job. I thought I was going to choke her with my load but she seemed to be used to it. We continued our affair for several months until her husband caught us one night. He was pissed off big time. But after a couple of weeks he calmed down and she talked him into having a threesome. Sometimes he would lay down face up, she on top of him, and he would guide his cock into her bung hole, then I would get on top and stick mine in her pussy. Other times, she would sit atop my face and I would eat her out while her husband sucked me off. This continued for quite awhile, but then they divorced and she moved away.

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