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Great doubts

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: At school
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

One day, at the end of the break, I climbed the stairs in
front of the school’s entrance and ran into a girl of the
same grade. She was really looking nice, but I never had
the guts to think she could be more than accidently around
me. She looked so much more “experienced”, that I thought
she would find me a fool if I asked her for a date. But
quite the opposite happened…

The only thing she said was something like: “Would you go
to bed with me?”. My thoughts were going at light speed and
before I knew I had said yes. She took me by the hand and
we started running through the building. I used to be a
boarding school, but the bedrooms were closed for a lot of
years. We entered the floor of the former teachers bedrooms
and walked at the tips of our shoes looking for some corner
where we could do it. One of the doors appeared to be open
and we went in. It was awfully full of dust. Things were
left in the room as if it was still in use.

She undressed, and I was confused, really not aware if I
really should do this, but I was aware it was really
happening now. I took off my clothes too, and we layed down
on the bed. We didn’t start kissing or things like that,
we both focussed on doing the real thing.

I was feeling like a fool, I didn’t get my penis into her.
It appeared that I didn’t know where to put it in. I thought
it was at the same place where the penis was placed, but she
helped a little with her hand and I could feel it was the
right place. I pushed and nothing seemed to happen.
I pushed harder and she screamed from pain. I never felt
so hopeless, but suddenly me penis shoved in a little and
I started moving. We did it all the way, and didn’t speak
ten words.

I didn’t want to go home, because I had a terrible fear for
what had happened. I had strickt parents and couldn’t tell
my story. I didn’t sleep for a lot of nights and I still
have an uncomfortable feeling if I think of it.

We did it once more a week or so later, but she got a new
friend after that and that was all we had.

(I never told this story to anyone)

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