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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Classy Hotel
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Last year, I was doing some volunteer work at a local nursing home after I finished track and long distance running after school. I met some really sweet old people there and enjoyed their stories and hearing about thier lives. One special man who I’ll call “grampa” always used to compliment me and tell me that I reminded him of his wife (who was dead, but her picture of her when she was young showed a really pretty blonde woman with a nice smile). He was really a nice old man who didn’t have any other problem other than forgetting things and getting lost sometimes. After about 3 months of flirting and me flirting back (I thought it was all just playful), he asked me if I wanted to kiss. I said sure and bent down to give him a kiss on the cheek. He moved his mouth and we connected on the lips. He was a better kisser than my boyfriend! His lips were really firm and his tongue was soft and sensuous for an 87 year old man. After several of these kisses over the next few weeks, he put his hand on my leg and slide it up and down my thigh. I have really long thin runners legs and he looked at me in the eyes and said that I had really nice legs and that he could really love a woman like me. I was flattered and turned on at the same time. He was so respectful and polite and never took anything for granted…like my teen-age boyfriend who was always pressuring me for sex and making out. With ‘Grampa’ it just came naturally, and he was so soft and gentle that I couldn’t stop myself.
From there we spent time on long walks and holding hands and some passionate kissing and over-the-clothing exploration. I would get so turned on because he knew every place to touch me that just sent shivers down my back. After several months he told me that he loved me and wanted to know how I felt about him. I honestly told him that I loved him too. There was some tension in the air and then he asked me if I wanted to take our relationship farther. I knew what he meant and said yes. I planned a weekend just for him when my parents would be out of town and my younger brother would be staying at a friends. My parents left me to watch the house and feed the dog…which I got my brother to do for $50.00 that I had saved up from my allowance.
Mr. ‘Grampa’checked himself out of the nursing home with the excuse that he was going to a friend’s house for the weekend. He had made reservations for us at a really ritzy hotel out of town and we checked in under his name with me as his grand daughter on vacation. It was perfect.
By this time I was very in love with him and wanted to do everything with him. I also was feeling sad that he was so much older and we wouldn’t have too many years together.
But we went to our room and had the valet put things away for us while we had dinner and a walk in the nearby park. We watched the sunset together and just talked about things from both of our lives.
After a long time, we went back to the room and sat on the edge of his bed and started kissing and holding each other. He easily told me that He loved me too much to push me into anything that I didn’t want, and that he would be just as happy to do nothing but be together and enjoy each other’s company if that is what I wanted. I loved him so much, that I just kissed him and told him that I loved him and wanted to share everything with him.
He pulled out a bottle of pills and told me that he needed a little help in the love department at his age and he had told his doctor that he was planning to entertain an ‘old’ flame….and he had gotten checked out and a prescription for some Viagra. I wasn’t sure of what to expect at this point and was really nervous. He sensed it and put me at ease by joking that without the Viagra, “It would be like trying to stuff a marshmallow in a piggy bank!” I just loved his sense of humor. We slowly undressed each other until he had only his T shirt and some boxers on and I was in only a short cammusol and some silk boxers. It was obvious that the Viagra was taking effect. Pretty soon we were naked and holding each other on the edge of the bed. He still didn’t make rough or pushy advances. He just took it slowly and made me feel comfortable at every step.
For all you girls who have only been with younger guys, you have’nt really experienced sexy until you have felt the silky soft skin and hard muscles underneath of an older gentleman. It’s like floating in a soft warm cloud that responds to your every touch and movement.
Pretty soon we had pulled back the covers and slid in next to each other and just held each other. I made the next move by reaching down and touching his penis and rubbing it. He closed his eyes and moaned and his whole face became bright. I never loved him more! He reached down and started rubbing and touching me in ways that I can only describe as explosively sensual. I had masturbated a few times, but this sent me into one orgasm after another until I had 5 of them in a half hour! His soft and gentle touch on my small breasts felt so good, I knew I was in heaven!
Then he slowly kissed me and moved on top of me and I spread out my legs to let him in. He pushed slowly. I was suprised that a man his age could get a rock hard six inches going, but it was not too big around and just like the rest of him, was silky and smooth and gentle. He pressed in and broke my hymen and gently pushed in until he was all the way in. I bet my cheek and stared into his eyes as he moved it in and never let him see any more pain that a few tears as I actually tore.
Then he started to move slowly and accurately. That’s the best way I can put it…every move he made made me hornier and more aroused! The silky soft skin of his penis sliding in and out and his silky balls between my legs…the hard ridges of his veins in his penis making all the right contact with my clit… It was a heaven that I just can’t describe. He lasted for over an hour, through two more of my orgasms before he came himself. He kissed me and whispered my name and we clung together as he moaned out what seemed like a 30 second orgasm. I could feel his fluids inside me…but it wasn’t a huge spurt by any means..
We had met my every dream of ‘making love’ for the first time!
This was the first of many encounters that we have had over the past year. We thought about getting married, but we really just want to keep it a sexy secret!
Recently, I told my boyfriend from highschool about the affair and he was pissed at first, but then he realized how happy and fulfilled it had made me. He asked me if I would show him ‘Grampa’s’ secrets…. So I talked to ‘Grampa’, who understood that I would eventually want someone my own age, and he agreed to let ‘Cameron’ come along any time he wanted to join us and learn how to please me. ‘Cameron’ thought this was gross at first, but then agreed. He even agreed that I can keep seeing ‘Grampa’ as long as I am happy and as long as ‘Grampa’ is alive.
I have a really great world right now!

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