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Godfather shows me what heaven feels like

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Aunt & Uncles house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

When I was just barely 15 years old school was close to ending and my mother told me that my aunt and uncle (actually my godmother and godfather-no related by blood)wanted me to come spend the summer with them to watch their two small children while he worked and my Aunt went to her summer session of school (she was finishing up to be a psychologist) I thought that would be fun since usually I didnt go anywhere for summer break. They lived in Del Mar and I thought I would get to spend alot of time at the beach and maybe check out the guys. I was late to develop a figure-most girls I knew had a figure around 13 I didnt get mine till just before I had my 15th birthday. I had perky little boobies and still didn’t have much hair on my little pussy-more like peach fuzz. But I had noticed the boys liked looking at the little cleavage I had and my little butt.
My uncle came to Medford to pick me up and bring me to their house a couple days after school got out..he said we would stop somewhere on the way and get some supper and stay over then complete the drive. We headed out after saying goodbye to my mom and loading the car with my stuff-it was hot out so I wore my new shorts outfit my mother had bought me, it was pastel pink terry cloth shorts just had an elastic waist and the top was spaghetti strap with tiny litte ribbons every 1/2″ up the front that tied it closed. I liked the way it felt on my skin and made my brown skin show up. As we drove we talked and listened to music, soon my uncle said “you dont mind if I smoke do you?”
I thought that was strange since he had been smoking and my parents smoked-but then he pulled out a joint and showed me-I said “no I dont care, I have friends who do that”
He lit his joint and asked me “have you ever smoked pot??”
I knew I could be honest with him and he wouldnt tell my mother-my godparents never violated our trust so I told him “yes I’ve tried before but never gotten high-it’s always been the same as smoking a cigarette”
He laughed and said “that happens sometimes” and “do you want to try again? I guarentee you will get high this time”
So I said “sure” and he handed me the joint, we took turns puffing away and by the time we were finished I could already feel myself feeling “floaty” We drove on and pretty soon I felt stuffy in the car so I asked him to turn the air on-and he did. We drove on laughing and joking-Pretty soon my Uncle said “you are growing up so fast” “you really have become quite the beautiful young woman” “thank you” I said, then felt a bit red in the face~no man had ever said that before, the boys at school had told me I was pretty but they were just boys. The car started to get quite chilly and I felt my nipples get a bit hard from the cold,I noticed my uncle glancing over and his eyes would trail down my neck and chest and down my legs, every time he looked at me like that I felt a little flutter between my legs and soon my nipples had gotten completely hard, I looked down and saw that the thin terycloth did nothing to hide them and that somehow two of the ribbons had come untied and just a hint of my right breast was showing. My uncle began looking more and soon he put his hand on my bare thigh and said “should find a place to stay over and get some supper-Ive really got the munchies-what do you think?”
I said “yes I am starving” what I really wanted was to go to the rest room and make sure that the wetness inside my panties hadn’t seeped through enough that it could be seen. I had felt “wet” down there before when I touched myself and thought of kissing a boy but not like this. Soon we found a little motel off the freeway that had a diner on the lot so we pulled in there. We went into the diner and got seated then after we ordered my Uncle went and checked out a room for us and came back. We ate greasy burgers and fries and they never tasted so good (must of been the munchies) then he paid our tab and we went to the room. My Uncle got the bag I needed with my overnight stuff out of the trunk and brought it in to me so I could get ready for bed. I changed into my big t-shirt that I liked to sleep in and as I was brushing my teeth my Uncle said “I hope you dont mind that I sleep in my underwear-I dont like pajamas” I told him “I dont care-my dad always runs around in his underwear in the morning when he gets up” I came back in and he was sitting in his bed with the cover over his waist and legs watching tv, I went to my bed and fluffed the pillows and turned down the bedding, when I bent over to take off my socks I could see he was lookin at my butt and it made me feel fluttery and wet again. I hopped into my bed and tried not to think about it when he said “I sometimes like to smoke before I go to sleep do you want some too?” I said “sure” and so he came over and sat on the edge of my bed and lit up a joint. We watched an old benny hill rerun on cable tv and smoked~soon we were cracking up at the craziness on the TV and soon I felt sleepy, I layed the rest of the way down and drifted off…
At first I was dreaming or thought I was dreaming I felt so wet down there, my little pussy felt wetter than it ever had and I felt so hot. I woke up a little and realized I was not dreaming, I was very wet and hot, my Uncle was laying on my bed next to me rubbing my pussy through my panties~it felt so good, it never felt that good when I rubbed it. I didn’t want him to stop so I kept my eyes closed.He had pulled my covers back and my t-shirt up so my panties showed, his fingers were slowly rubbing back and forth over my pussy from behind.I moved a little farther onto my side so that I was laying partly on my tummy as well and I moved my leg just a bit so that it opened up my pussy more and he could rub more of it. I could feel the wetnes seeping through my panties and I was trying so hard not to make any noise~Uncle slipped his fingers over the elastic leg hole in my panties and into them, he began to rub my bare pussy and I let out a squeak-he stopped for a moment, and I continued to be asleep. He began rubbing my wet slit again and moved to my clit as soon as he touched it I felt like I would explode! I could hear his breath getting heavy and I felt something hard against my bottom, soon Uncle pulled my panties down to my thighs and caressed my bottom.He moved so that he could see my pussy and he moaned a bit when he got his face closer then he slowly put his tongue out and licked my wetness, soon he had his toungue inside of my pussy lapping at it like a kitty, I could feel the shudder inside of me and I felt as though my whole body was on fire
I felt wetness like never before!Uncle moved then and layed back next to me-behind me, he had removed his underwear and I could feel his hard cock pressed tightly against my back, he squeezed my little titties and I could feel his breath in my hair and on my neck.Uncle placed his cock between my legs and began rubbing it back and forth over my wet pussy~every time he moved it forward it bumped my clit and I was through the roof. A few more strokes and I could not contain myself anymore, a loud moan escaped my lips. Uncle stopped frozen right where he was “Please, dont stop-it feels so good!!” Uncle said “Oh god babygirl-I am sorry I couldnt help myself” “I thought you were crashed out I couldnt stop looking at your beautiful body then I touched you and…” I interupted and told him “Finish..dont stop-you feel so good, show me what it feels like!” Uncle let out a huge moan as he rolled me onto my back and began kissing my neck and sucking my nipples. “Oh babygirl-you smell and taste so good-are you sure you really want this?” I didnt say anything only moaned blissfully and moved so I could feel his hard cock pressed against my belly and pressed my hips upward against his body.Uncle rubbed his cock against my pussy lips, “This will hurt a little” he said as he rubbed the head of his cock against the opening to my pussy “I want you~I want you inside of me now!!” He slowly pushed the head of his hard cock past my opening-oh he was so big (still the biggest Ive had)then I felt a pain but it was not horrible-it was pain and pleasure and extasy all at once as he slowly pushed his way in.Uncle waited a moment after getting all of the way inside and kissed me passionately then began pulling in and out of me,my pussy was throbbing inside and his cock felt so wonderful like it belonged there. I suddenly felt my whole body tremble, and waves of ecstasy rushed through me-I was cumming cumming so very hard-I heard myself screaming my nails scratching across his back.Uncle’s cock felt as if it were growing even bigger,it began to throb and then he was filling my little pussy with his hot cum. He came so much that I could feel it running out of me and over my inner thighs at the same time as I felt it scorching the very far reaches of my pussy walls~Uncle was breathing hard and rolled over onto his back pulling me with him as he went so that his cock never left my pussy.We fell asleep like that and in the wee hours of the morning I awoke to him moving me up and down on his again hard cock as I lay ontop of him~soon we were both cumming again.After a shower and some breakfast we hit the road again-me with my top open so he could see my titties as he drove, and me rubbing his cock when I felt like it.
That summer I spent a lot of time babysitting the kids and that was fun but the real fun was when Uncle took me to the beach alone or TV time after everyone else was in bed.
That man gave me my first of many orgasms on the drive down-still never had one quite as strong as he could give. Ireally miss that cock!!

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