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Go With the Flow

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: My friends sister's bedroom
Langauge: Enlish
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Living on a military base made breaking the rules so much more exciting. I was fourteen and she was seventeen. My buddy was having a little party at his house since his dad was over-seas and his mom was at work til seven the next morning. My girlfriend (who will remain nameless) didn’t live on the base so it was hard for me to see her since I did not yet have my driver’s liscense. The night of the party just so happened to be the night that she would be coming on base to see me. Her mom dropped her off at the 7-11 and we walked to the party. It was the first time I had ever had a drink so I just washed down a couple beers and she did the same. We were both feeling pretty good and started getting hot and heavy on the couch. My buddy says to get a room so we did. His sisters. I didn’t use a condom because she never said we needed one and I didnt know how to ask. Being on a waterbed is the most fucking awkward way to have sex for the first time. I mean, you’re already somewhat awkward and uncomfortable. Just add on trying to not only match the rhythm of your partner but also the rhythm of those miniture waves beneath you, and you’ve got alot of bumping hip bones and weird stopping and starting. The lights were off (cliche) so I couldn’t see her face to see if she was enjoying it. She rode me so hard and it felt so good. I couldn’t help but think: “Good job, Jeff, in making your very first a girl who’s experienced!” It went on for longer than I expected and without warning, I shot off like a three legged dog in a race trying to catch up to the leaders. She dismounted, got dressed, and I walked her back to the 7-11, tipsy and with a grin that said it all pasted to my face. The next day in school, someone told me she was fucking other guys on the side. We didn’t talk for a couple years after that. After graduation, about four years later, we get back in contact and she invites me over to her house around 2am. Needless to say, we tore up the sheets like good ol’ times. My first time was awkward and reminded me of floating on my back in a swimming pool. To this day, I get an erection when I do just that.

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