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Glow-in-the-Dark Chrissy

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My room at my mom's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Well, I had been “with” this guy for about two-and-a-half months. He was a varsity football player/stoner dude that everyone thought looked just like Charlie Sheen. I had loved him from afar and followed him around like a puppy dog for at least a month before we started talking. He was sixteen (but looked about twenty). Before I met him, I had never even kissed a guy (he later declared the AC/DC song “Squealer” our song. How romantic! LOL)
I was laying in bed in the dark talking with him on the phone at around twelve or so on a school night and I got bored. I asked him if he wanted to come over for a “visit” (my booty calls at that age consisted primarily of endless hours of dry-humping). He agreed (well, of course!) and I began to make my usual preparations. Although my mom’s room was all the way down a loooong hallway, my little sister’s room was right next to mine, so I stuffed a shirt under the door to block out any sounds and closed off all of the air vents in my room. The window in my bedroom was in the front of the house. It had no screen on it and was about a foot and a half from the ground.
Twenty minutes later, he was outside in the flowerbed. I cranked open the window and let him inside. It was dark and all I could see was his broad-shouldered silhouette in a Metallica “Ride the Lightening” T-shirt with a glow-in-the-dark skeleton on the back. We immediately began to mess around, and as always, after awhile, my groin began to feel bruised from the grinding against his enormous erection (which was loosely the size of a foot-long sub. He knew this, thus explaining why he was such an adorably cocky bastard). I said, “Hey, do you want to do IT?” He was more than willing to oblige me.
I had heard that it was painful, but I had no idea that it would be THAT painful. I should have known, because the guy was hung like Dirk Diggler (the overall majesty of the organ SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME when he had arbitrarily whipped it out in a hotel room after the winter formal the month before). To this day, I have yet to see anything like it again, as it could be described accurately by only one word: “EQUINE”. He was a high school Tommy Lee in a glow-in-the-dark (do I detect a theme here?) novelty condom (although I didn’t even see it; I was too scared too look).
Anyway, it was great but didn’t last long. When he went to pull out, I felt something liquid run down my butt crack and was terrified. I thought that it was semen that had escaped and that I would definitely have gotten pregnant. I told him that I’d see him at school the next day and he left. I turned on the lights and found out that it wasn’t semen, but blood that was all over the bed.
I still have the Metallica shirt that he wore that night (He let me wear it later that summer when I spilled a 7-11 Big Gulp all over myself) as I have kept it as a souvenir from a great night.

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