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girlfriends mom

Age when it happend: 25
Where it happened: living room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I can clearly remember the first time I did it with my girlfriend’s mom. She was about 38 years old but looked good for her age. I was dating her 25 year old daughter and I was having dating problems with her. I would often discuss over the phone my feelings toward her daughter. Shek new we were having sex and daughter would often get moody and blow me off. One day I went to her house, her daughter lived in another town and her father was working nights. She made me something to eat as I showed her letters from her daughter about breaking up, her loving me, etc. I was trying to figure her daughter out and wanted her help. Well I got more than help that night. She began to tell me how her husband may be cheating on her and they have little sex. Her mother always admired me and thought the world of me. Anyway after a small left over dinner she heated up for me she started to kiss me and told me flat out she wanted to have sex with me. She said she wanted it. I was stunned…confused. She pulled me down onto the livingroom floor and began to undress me. I guess I could of stopped it but it happened so fast. Plus I thought the idea of having sex with my girlfriends mom was a super turn on. Well I did it on the floor..a little nervous of course that her husband would come home unexpectedly but I went though it. I ended up dating the daughter for a few more months and finally broke up never to see her again. She never knew to this date that I had sex with her mom..but I will never forget my first time.

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